Details on Proposed Ripley or Newt Cameo in The Predator Film

Aliens is one of the rare films that could be said to have surpassed its predecessor. The film took everything that we loved from the first and followed up with something that reflected on the pros and cons, giving us a film with even more dynamic layers to dissect.

One of those important sequel changes came from the character Rebecca "Newt" Jorden, who was regrettably killed off-screen in Aliens 3, the first film without James Cameron's involvement. Despite the fact that several of us would love to see a proper sequel to Aliens, Sigourney Weaver's lack of interest in portraying Ripley again hasn't given us a lot of hope.

Back in 2019, in some bizarre, non-sequel, unexpected way, we learned that there could have been a Ripley or Newt return for the ending of the 2018 film The Predator by Shane Black, with a new actor portraying either character. Despite the films' mixed to negative reviews, it managed to be the most profitable of the franchise, and apparently, while the film was being retooled, several options were discussed. In an interview with AVP Galaxy, actor and stuntwoman Breanna Watkins shared that she actually portrayed both characters for two of the proposed alternate endings.

Predator Rights In Legal Dispute Between Original Writers & Disney
Predator. Credit Disney

Watkins explains, "A whole backstory was explained to me for each of my two endings… however I believe that the franchise owners may still want to have the option to use those backstories, so I shouldn't really go into specifics of what I was told, but I can say that time travel, cloning, and genetic enhancement was involved. The backstory did vary depending on which ending they were going to use. There was some discussion about the future potential of the character to be continued in other crossover movies, along with my possible involvement with that if they decided to go with that ending. It was indicated to me before the movie came out that neither of the endings I was in were going to be used. It was disappointing… but I was aware that there was a lot going on with the future direction of both franchises around that time, so I can understand why they weren't used."

If time travel, cloning, and genetic enhancement could serve as the building blocks for the future of an Alien vs. Predator world within the Predator canon (yet outside of the Alien canon), things could get a little strange. Considering there are still figures, comics, and films being released, anything is possible for the franchise.

What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in a Newt or Ripley role for future Predator films, or are they best in the Alien universe?

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