[RUMOR] "Indiana Jones 5" Set to Start Filming in April 2020

When Disney signed on Harrison Ford to be in Star Wars they also managed to convince him to do another Indiana Jones movie. The production has been a bit troubled from the get-go and has been delayed a few times. The most recent release date has been labeled as July 9, 2021, and if they plan on meeting that release date then they need to start filming sooner rather than later. A new rumor from Discussing Film says that filming for Indiana Jones 5 is set to begin in April of 2020.

[Rumor] Dan Fogelman Rewriting 'Indiana Jones 5' Script

Walt Disney Studios has a big panel coming up later this month and considering how much negative press this movie has gotten they could use something positive. The panel could be a great place to give some of the first Indiana Jones 5 story details, maybe share some concept art, and maybe give us some cast details. We know that this movie isn't going to be a one-off but Ford isn't likely going to stay on for more than one movie. Disney needs to give fans a least an indication that they have a plan for the Indiana Jones series going forward.

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