[RUMOR] Did Marvel/Netflix Just Confirm The Punisher For 'The Defenders'?

There have been a lot of rumors concerning the cast of The Defenders but the main one is the rumor that Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle aka The Punisher will be making an appearance. He hasn't been confirmed in any trailers or publicity material but we do know that Frank is out there. He's getting his own series rumored to drop this November. We might have just received confirmation that Castle will be making an appearance in the series.

In an email sent to members of the press attending Comic-Con International Marvel and Netflix revealed the panel participants for the Defenders panel that is taking place on Friday the 21st.

Panel Participants: Mike Colter, Finn Jones, Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Elodie Yung, Deborah Ann Woll, Jessica Henwick, Marco Ramirez, Jon Bernthal and Jeph Loeb.

[RUMOR] Did Marvel/Netflix Just Confirm The Punisher For 'The Defenders'?

Bernthal is on the list to be on the panel. Now, this could mean that he's there to promote his solo series but there haven't been any hints about that and he's the only member of that cast on the list aside from Deborah Ann Woll. The panel is specifically listed as a Defenders panel and while they showed footage from other series at the Luke Cage panel last year there weren't any members of those casts present.

Bleeding Cool will be at Comic-Con International and will let you know what exactly goes down at the Defenders panel next Friday.

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