In Sexist Rant, Former WWE Superstar Ryback Says Women Can't Wrestle As Well As Men, Should Be More Sexy

When former WWE superstar Ryback isn't accusing WWE Champion Jinder Mahal of using steroids, feuding with CM Punk, blocking this reporter on Twitter, shooting on the entire country of India, or trashing WWE, he apparently manages to find time for some good old fashioned sexism.

In Sexist Rant, Former WWE Superstar Ryback Says Women Can't Wrestle As Well As Men, Should Be More Sexy

In a recent episode of his podcast, Conversations With The Big Guy, Ryback said that female wrestlers in WWE can't perform wrestling moves as well as male wrestlers and suggested that they play up their sexiness, something he claims is unique to female wrestlers.

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This is what I've always said the women are lacking today is playing up to their sexiness. The women – they did a bodyslam and whatever and they got on the rope and shaking their ass… if a girl did that today, she would be the most over diva on the roster. That's why I always liked Melina doing the splits. This is what makes women different than men because the women can do all of the moves – not as good as the guys [laughs]. They can't climb ladders and we'll talk about that. That's a joke, guys. That's the one thing they have over men is that sexuality that men can sit there and watch and tell their wives, 'no, I'm just watching wrestling hun' and that comes on and they get away watching it like they should play up to that. They could still do all of the wrestling stuff but just throw me some sexiness in there. Billy Bob watching in the middle of bumsf**kingville Arkansas – that's what he wants to see. He doesn't want to see a 10 f**king star headlock takeover.

Ryback said that even athletes like Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks should play up their sexuality more:

They could all subtly do things. They're all beautiful girls. I'm not saying that they all have to go shake their ass on the top rope. Just play up the sexuality a little more. It's very subtle. It makes all the difference for that casual viewer.

Ryback's co-host, Pat Buck, added that men only pretend to watch women's wrestling for the wrestling, to which Ryback joked that wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer is "also jerking off" while watching women's wrestling matches to give them star ratings. Buck later said that male wrestlers show their masculinity (presumably by wrestling well), and said that female wrestlers should stop showing so much masculinity (presumably by wrestling well) themselves and show more femininity instead (by being sexy).

Clearly, neither Ryback nor Buck have ever seen Finn Balor's abs, or they would realize that sexiness can be either masculine or feminine.

Ryback and Buck agreed that their comments weren't sexist, but as people began reacting negatively to Ryback's comments, The Big Guy took to Twitter to declare that he was just being sarcastic:

Though the comments can be heard here for those wishing to judge their sarcasm for themselves:

As well as a follow-up snapchat video Ryback made while watching Charlotte Flair wrestle on TV:


At press time, Ryback had blocked the fan who posted his snapchat video on Twitter and retweeted this tweet:

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