QuaranSCREAM Brings Immersive Horror to a Live Audience

Being toted as a post-covid theater experience, QuaranSCREAM is an upcoming adaptation of the 1996 film Scream, that will merge different mediums into one immersive audience experience.

QuaranSCREAM Brings Immersive Horror to a Live Audience


This "reimagining" of the cult classic horror film is a first of it's kind, with the website for the event reading, "Scary year, isn't it? With the pandemic, political unrest, unrelenting natural disasters, and all. It's like, right out of a horror movie or something. Watch from the safety of your home as this horror story unfolds. This event is live, interactive, and not suitable for children. Tickets are limited, but your household can join in with just one ticket. Buy now and enjoy the show."

The event is said to set Scream during the present day to accommodate the unusual circumstances of 2020, with pre-recorded segments, interactive live-chat, and live performances to make Scream feel as accessible(without actually dying) as possible. The new Scream crew will include a group of friends in a small town being targeted through social media to "follow the rules" of horror in order to survive their encounter. Fans aren't required to participate, but as the website lists, you are encouraged to join in on the horror-comedy hybrid festivities to get the full experience.

In honor of the source material, the site additionally states that they will include a drinking game to stay true to the Scream/Stab movie mythos but from the luxury (and safety) of home. As of now, QuaranSCREAM has three dates planned, including Saturday, October 17, Saturday, October 24, and Friday, October 30, at 7 pm PST / 10 pm EST.

QuaranSCREAM is said to star Zach Villa (American Horror Story: 1984), Riley Costello (Wicked, Hairspray Live!), and Alisha Soper (Feud: Bette and Joan, Veronica Mars). Do you think that this is a new opportunity for an expansion of theater? Let us know if you'll be checking out QuaranSCREAM and keep up with Bleeding Cool for more horror and Halloween content to come!

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