Sir Patrick Stewart Hopes He Isn't Typecast After 'Logan'

Logan was a fantastic, well-received movie, and one of the reasons it worked so well was that Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman have been playing these roles for so long that they've become iconic. Stewart got to bring a whole new side to Professor Xavier in Logan, but he was a little worried that the role would mean he would only be typecast as frail old men. Stewart said to the The Mirror:

"There might have been moments before Logan when I thought, 'If I do this and I really go for it, am I only going to get cast as geriatrics from now on?' I am not quite there yet [laughs]!"


Stewart went on to talk about how he prepared for the role, as well as how a role he had in a play with Sir Ian McKellen really helped along with reaching out to the late Oliver Sacks:

"Will people say, 'Oh, no, we can't have him playing a healthy, fit individual. He is just too weak and frail and old.' But screw it! It was so much fun. This role intrigued me and as it so happened I was already preparing for a stage role that I did with Ian McKellen in which I was playing a man not only with alcoholism but also with brain degeneration as well. I was already doing research into that. I had met and talked with the great, now-departed, Oliver Sacks about this. I consulted Oliver several times about roles and he was always wonderfully ­helpful."

However, once Stewart met with director James Mangold and found out what direction Mangold wanted to go in, he was all for it:

"Then when I met James Mangold and found that he too really wanted to push into the depths of Charles's distress and despair and confusion and anger and fury – as well as his unpredictability – I was all for it. And I enjoyed every aspect of it, particularly given that I was going to be sharing almost all of my time with Hugh [Jackman].

It was a great sendoff to two characters and actors that really helped shape the modern say super hero boom that we live in. The performance that Stewart gave in Logan was award worthy and the fact that there is a reality where he decided not to give that performance is not a world I would ever want to live in."

Logan is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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