New Sleepaway Camp Film May Be In The Works Star Teases

Sleepaway Camp is one of the standout slashers of the boom that occurred in the 1980s, and to this day, features one of the best endings to any horror film. The three sequels were not nearly as good as that original, but not without their moments either. That first one, though, that is a special time when you get to that ending. Star of the film Felissa Rose, now a horror icon and rightfully so, recently chatted with Bloody Disgusting about various projects, including dropping in that there may be a return to Sleepaway Camp on the horizon.

New Sleepaway Camp Film May Be In The Works Star Teases
Sleepaway Camp Still

Sleepaway Camp Still Has One Of The All-Time Best Endings

"I will say this because there's been so much looming around the Sleepaway Camp universe for so long. Will they remake it? Will there be another sequel? I know that something's in the works. I don't even really know exactly how it will be, but I can tell you that definitely like—we just had our 37th anniversary—I would love to say that, mark my words, by the 40th, something will be out. Now, if they ever consulted with me, I would love to see a prequel to the Sleepaway Camp world because this is one of those movies that is driven by the circumstances that happens in the beginning of the film. And I would love to understand who is Aunt Martha? What happened to her in creating all that she did with Angela and Ricky? Why didn't Angela go to camp with Ricky the other summer? With all of this, I would love to see a prequel. I would love to make the prequel. So, definitely, we haven't seen the end of Sleepaway Camp."

Personally, I think this would kick ass as a Netflix/FX/Wherever mini-series. But maybe that is just me. More to come on this one for sure.

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