Spiral Trailer Stays True to the Stylization of the Saw Franchise

Jigsaw (or at least a copycat killer from Saw) is back and queued up with some blood-curdling terror for anyone involved.

The trailer for the upcoming film Spiral just dropped, giving fans the first full-fledged look at the upcoming film within the respective Saw franchise. While Spiral is the first film to drop the Saw title, we immediately learn that Spiral is very much set in the world of Saw with the aesthetic of blood and a dreary factory look that the franchise has found comfort in.

The trailer kicks off, introducing us to Chris Rock's character (our lead and major Saw aficionado), and the familiarity sets in when he finds a tape with "Play Me" mirroring the setup for every person who becomes intertwined in Jigsaw's twisted game of fate. When Rock's character begins, he's met with a voice that eerily states, "Hello Detective Banks, do you know where your officers are?"

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The film immediately makes a bold choice is to scrap the Jigsaw voice prominently used throughout the franchise, masking the voice through a pitch — but the trailer does make a point to show a series of frames where a pig-masked killer lurks in the shadows, continuing to follow both the traps and appearance of John Kramer (the original Jigsaw killer.)

The trailer tries to keep the information we receive similar to the other films in the franchise, following a very confused Rock who tries to determine which of his fellow officers he can trust in a game where anyone can end up being the killer. This will likely cause the character to reunite with his father, played by Samuel L. Jackson, whose one line in the trailer explains, "Jigsaw copycat, this is gonna go sideways fast," says Jackson.

If we've learned anything from the unrelentingly bloody Saw films, it's that anything relating to Jigsaw has a likelihood of spiraling.


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