Static Shock Live Action Movie Gets Writer Randy McKinnon

It's superhero Static Shock – live and in person! Well, on the silver screen, but that's just as exciting for fans of the character from the 1993 comics and early 2000s animated show. Created by Milestone comics and distributed through DC, the series focuses on Black teenager Virgil Hawkins after he gets exposed to a gas that gives him electrical shock powers transforming him into Static Shock, keeping his neighborhood safe.

The live-action adaptation was announced last year during DC FanDome, though details are scarce owing to the fact it's still in pre-production. The only other names attached at this moment are producers Michael B. Jordan (though he won't be starring at Virgil, unsure if he'll appear on screen at all) and Reginald Hudlin. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie added Randy McKinnon as the writer, who wrote the football drama Safety for Disney+ as well as the series Wild Rabbit for Hulu.

Dwayne McDuffie Legends and Myths - Michael Davis, From The Edge
Credit: DC Comics

Static is like a friendly neighborhood superhero…you know, kind of like that web-slinging kid those other guys have. Except Virgil is a young Black superhero whose stories speak as much to the Black experience as they do to the "underdog superhero" one; it's no surprise that's owing to creators Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek Dingle. That will likely through to the Static Shock feature film with Jordan and Hudlin producing, and now McKinnon brought on board to pen the script.

Static Shock's origin story stems from police opening fire on a gang standoff releasing a chemical gas that gives anyone in the vicinity superpowers. Virgil was there, along with a ton of now-superpowered villains and bad guys, and all of them cope with their powers in different ways and use them for different means. Now more than ever, diversity in storytelling and Hollywood is paramount – could this be as big a hit for DC as Black Panther was for Marvel? Both movies have Michael B. Jordan – could he be the secret ingredient to success?

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