Talking Skull Returns To Disney World's Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride

Photo by Michael Gray / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Back in 2006, when Disney was refurbishing the famous Pirates of the Caribbean ride, one notable item was taken away. A talking skull — which taunted visitors as they braved going near Davy Jones' locker — is now back at the beginning of the ride.

The skull says a few words and a flash of light (meant to be lightning) can be seen. The ride now offers ride photos, so this is where your photo will be taken on the ride. So if you time it right, you, too can have an excellent ride photo!

Back in 2009, had a bit of a discussion on why the Talking Skull had disappeared in the first place. While there was no definitive answer, consensus seemed to be that the Talking Skull was often broken anyway, and perhaps no longer work so well in the context of what was going on at that point in the ride, at that time. Disney Avenue has a spectacular account of the development and history of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which first opened in 1967.

 The talking skull in Pirates of the Caribbean has warned guests that "Dead Men tell no tales" millions of times over the years. The poor mayor has been dunked countless times (and still hasn't drowned). The auctioneer has been trying to unload the same plump young wench on the same six pirates hundreds of times a day, 365 days a year with no takers. And those same six pirates have been wanting the "red 'ed" without success for almost 50 years.

There have been numerous other changes to the ride over the years, including the loss of the talking parrot.

Thanks to WDW News Today for the video!

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