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The Matrix Resurrections First Trailer to Drop on Thursday

The Matrix Resurrections is probably the big blockbuster movie 2021 that you forgot was coming out. There is a good reason for that; Warner Bros. and HBO Max have told us almost nothing about the movie, and now we're coming into the last three months of the movie, and there still has not been a single official image or trailer. We only just got the official name at CinemaCon last month, where they did show us some footage, and now it looks like footage is going to be coming to the masses as well. Today, a website went live, and Warner Bros. announced on this Twitter account that the trailer would drop this Thursday.

The new website will give you the option of taking the blue pill or the red pill. Each option will give you two different voiceovers from two different characters, and you'll see some very brief snippets from the trailer that is supposed to drop on Thursday. Some of that footage looks like stuff that we got to see at CinemaCon, it went by extremely fast, but some of that footage looks like it could be new. At the present time, the EPK and Warner Bros. media sites remain completely empty, so we still don't have an official poster or even logo for The Matrix Resurrections at the time of writing. Just the logo that got flashed during an HBO Max promo video earlier this year.

The Matrix Resurrections First Trailer to Drop on Thursday
The logo for The Matrix 4. Credit: HBO Max/Warner Bros.

The Matrix Resurrections is one of the movies that got moved around a couple of times due to the pandemic but has been sitting on December 22nd for a while now. There doesn't seem to be any indication that any Warner Bros. properties, with the hybrid release dates and this movie being the last one to have a hybrid release on HBO Max, will change even though COVID-19 numbers are rising. We all know almost nothing about this movie, and it's awesome that they have kept a lid on it for this long. Let's hope the marketing doesn't spoil anything in the next three months.

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