The Munsters: Elvira Teases Her Role In The Film

The Munsters film from Rob Zombie should have an announced release date any day now, as the film is in production in Budapest now and expected to be a Peacock release this year. Sheri Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips star in the movie, playing Lily and Herman Munster, with the cast also including Richard BrakeDan RoebuckJorge Garcia, and Cassandra (Elvira) Peterson. Peterson already filmed her role in the film as real estate agent Barbara Carr. She also teased a bit about the role and the new movie to Variety as well.

The Munsters Will Feature Elvira As We Don't Usually See Her

"Here, I am playing this character that's so, so different from what I normally do; I'm playing a super straight character," Peterson revealed. "Barbara is a normal woman, this real estate agent. It was exciting and terrifying, but it was really cool. I had the best time with all of the actors that I was working with, and we had so much fun. The people there, the set, they built the house — oh my god, it was just all magical. It was like 'The Munsters' came alive. It was insane." She also teases us about Sheri's take on Lily in Rob's version of The Munsters: "Sheri is freaking adorable as Lily Munster. I see on social media people asking, 'Why is Rob always casting her?' Because she's freaking good. I think she killed it, and people will be really surprised and really like her character."

Rob Zombie Confirms He Is MAking A Munsters Film
Rob Zombie's The Munsters. Credit Rob Zombie

Zombie is a huge Munsters fan, using imagery from the show in numerous easter eggs in his videos and stage shows, owning a bunch of props and artifacts from the show, and even doing commentary for the Scream Factory release of Munster, Go Home when it released on Blu-ray last year. Safe to say that he will spare no effort to pay homage to the classic series while putting his own stamp on it. Thank god we are going to get a more restrained Zombie film for The Munsters. While I have enjoyed some of his other work, that tone and such would not have worked here, and I think he knows that. I am actually more excited to see what he does when he has to pull the reigns back a bit and, dare I say, show off his comedy chops?

Early reports are that this is heading straight to Peacock, which makes sense, but that has not been confirmed by Universal, the owner of the streamer, though I imagine it is just a matter of time. Hopefully, we will see a trailer soon since this has been in production for some time now.

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