The Real Reason ITV's Jekyll And Hyde Was Delayed….


The ITV adaptation and recontextalisation of Jekyll And Mister Hyde had a tumultuous broadcast. Aired in a Sunday early evening slot on ITV1, there were complaints that the show was too violent for the timeslot.

That was upheld recently up Ofcom, who stated that Jekyll and Hyde was too frightening for young children and should not have been shown at 6.30pm, saying "We considered that the content would have exceeded the expectations of viewers, and in particular parents and carers, at this time and on this channel" and that there wasn't sufficient parental content warning.

Which should annoy certain ITV employees even more that you might have thought.

It was stated that episodes of the show were delayed to show sensitivity after the Paris terrorist attacks at the end of last year.

I understand that this was not the reason at all, but that after negative reaction to the violence in the first episode, the show had to be completely recut. Which meant losing the excessive violence, but not reducing the screentime. Different cuts, extra footage, in some case longer screen transitions had to be edited in to all the remaining episodes of the series.

And still it gets a bollocking from Ofcom…

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