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Batman Day Around The World
The items will also be available in France, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey. Batman Day in France – On September 16th, Batman fans of all ages are invited to experience immersive experiences inspired by DC's Batman at Boom Boom Villette Paris, including an escape game experience, Pathé La Villette, IFly, Quiz Room Presented by Dama Dreams and[...]
TwitchCon Paris 2023 Announcements
Twitch started off TwitchCon Paris 2023 by making several announcements, revealing multiple changes coming to their platform A number of different items will be coming your way in the weeks and months ahead, with one of the bigger changes being the Discovery Feed will become much better and accessible when looking up new content to[...]
Batman: The Detective Thinks Paris Is West Of London? (Spoilers)
Sorry, Tom Taylor, Batman: The Detective is a fine comic book but… Batman: The Detective #2 King's Cross is adjacent to St Pancras and indeed is where the Eurostar train departs for Paris in France But there is something that you may have gotten a little confused. Have you got your compass out Tom? Batman: The Detective #2[...]
Parc Astérix Opens Its Doors on Monday, With Sickle Distancing
A year ago, I went with the family to Parc Astérix, just outside Paris for the launch of the name of the best selling comic of 2019, Asterix and The Chieftain's Daughter It was aces But naturally, it has been closed for a while and those with tickets have been wondering what is what[...]
If the rumors are true, then it looks like next week we'll be seeing a massive change at Ubisoft with their Paris-based creative team According to Video Games Chronicle, next week we will be getting an announcement from the company in regards to how their team will run in the foreseeable future If you're not[...]
Capcom Announces The Next Capcom Cup For Paris
Last night during the 2019 Capcom Cup, the company revealed its plans for 2020, including showing the Cacpcom Cup 2020 would head to Paris The company outlined the full set of 2020 events that will be taking place in coordination with the Capcom Pro Tour, specifically the major premier events that serve as major championships[...]
Auto Draft
This week, Team Vitality decided to show off the outside of their new esports complex in Paris, France which they have dubbed the V.Hive While they were more than happy to boast about it, as you'll read below, and show off the outside, we've seen nothing from the indoors As of right now, it sounds[...]
"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Semifinals Results
We're live in Paris, France as Com2uS presents the Summoners War Championship 2019 This is it! The Grand Finals match between Thompsin and L'est. Credit: Com2uS/Webedia Summoners War Championship 2019 Match: Thompsin vs L'est Both men came out swinging for the first game, both of them getting the usual bands in to keep the heavy-powered characters out of[...]
"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Semifinals Results
We're live in Paris, France as Com2uS presents the Summoners War Championship 2019 Here are the results of the semifinals featuring the final four. Credit: Com2uS/Webedia Match One: Baus~ vs Thompsin The first match was quickly contested as both men pushed each other to the limit, but Thompsin popped in for the quick takedown ok the healer and[...]
"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Quarterfinals Results
We're live in Paris, France as Com2uS presents the Summoners War Championship 2019 Here are the results of the quarterfinals featuring the top eight players. Credit: Com2uS/Webedia Match One: Judas vs Thompsin The first match showed both men bringing in some of their best builds Both managed to knock out a character a piece early on bringing it[...]
The New Paris Map is Officially Playable on Overwatch Today
After spending a couple weeks on the test servers, Blizzard officially made the new Paris map live in Overwatch today The map will send you through winding streets, cafes, and a ton of other sites all along the Seine With the Eiffel Tower in sight at all times in the background, because it's so damn huge you[...]
Six Major Paris 2018: Semifinals – Evil Geniuses vs. Rogue
We're in the home stretch of the Six Major Paris as we see the best of the best in Rainbow Six Siege competition duke it out For the second of the two semifinals matches happening today, we have the last two North American teams in Rogue and Evil Geniuses facing off for a shot at the[...]
Six Major Paris 2018: Quarterfinals Results, Part 1
We're live in Paris, France at the Six Major Paris, the second-biggest tournament from Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Siege Eight teams have made it this far, and today during the first day of games, we're going to whittle that down to four Here are the results for the first half of the quarterfinals from August[...]
Milo Manara's Brigette Bardot, For Sale In Paris This Week
Comic book artist and illustrator, Milo Manara has painted in watercolour, 25 portraits of the French actress and model Brigitte Bardot, to be displayed and sold this week in Paris They have all be signed by Bardot as well, with a flower. Starting at 15,000 Euros each, the sale on June 12 will be followed by an auction[...]
The Real Reason ITV's Jekyll And Hyde Was Delayed….
Aired in a Sunday early evening slot on ITV1, there were complaints that the show was too violent for the timeslot. That was upheld recently up Ofcom, who stated that Jekyll and Hyde was too frightening for young children and should not have been shown at 6.30pm, saying "We considered that the content would have exceeded the[...]
Greg Capullo Sponsors Paris' New, Biggest Comic Shop, Central Comics can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Greg Capullo speaks about Central-Comics, Paris ( Greg Capullo is the sponsor of a newly branded comic store, Central Comics, in Paris, France. Taking over from Apo K Lyps Comics, Central Comics promises to be the biggest comic shop in Paris, 90 m², with 250 000 back issues from the fifties till the present, statues,[...]
Jacques Tardi Objects To Israeli 'Occupation' Of Paris With Cartoon
French cartoonist Jacques Tardi has rallied against a cultural event in Paris that honours Tel Aviv, saying, It's my total outrage that motivated this drawing One year after the massacre in Gaza, should we do the festival on the banks of the Seine This is provocation It's almost an insult This is completely obscene and irresponsible[...]
No Paris Comics Expo In 2015 Due To Reed Pop Scheduling
For the last few years, Paris Comics Expo has been held in November in the city An attempt to recreate the kind of Comic Con experience more common in the USA.    You probably get the idea with that Lots of media, comics guest from around the world, cosplay, comics and… stuff. Sadly there won't be one in 2015[...]
Chip Zdarsky – Duck Criminals Flying Over Europe
London, Dublin and Paris, though only the first two have these posters… …which I have to say, is a rather fun way to join his two big comic book projects together right now, Sex Criminals and Howard The Duck.. Quack.   Chip Zdarsky is doing a European tour in April London, Dublin and Paris, though only the first[...]
How Paris Comics Expo Is Becoming A Little More… American, In November
And how the Paris Comics Expo is going to change things and make them a little more… American. I remember in the UK when it was traditional for comic book artists to appear at shows and sketch for people for free Usually quick affairs, they might take more deliberate pieces as commissions but it was the[...]