Stephen Amell Doesn't Like Donald Trump… But Reserves Judgement On His Presidency

stephenamellStephen Amell, star of Arrow and popular on social media, took to his Facebook page today to address a fans question about how he feels about the current political climate. Though a Canadian citizen, Amell has a green card and plans to obtain duel citizenship. This makes the American political climate very important to him. His response was good sized and nuanced. He's obviously given this a lot of thought.

He addressed previous American Presidents:

I thought Bill Clinton was interesting, I didn't think W. was as bad as some people did and I thought Obama was the best President – by far – in my limited time understanding / participating in the political discourse. He's a rock star. I will genuinely miss the comfort that came with the knowledge that he had a large stake in the levers of power.

How he sees the current political climate:

I thought the most recent campaign season was abhorrent. And I'm mystified that the new President wasn't derailed by any or all of the scandals that took place. Be it business dealings or BillyBushGate, it was incredibly strange to watch so many things just bounce off someone. I though the inaugural speech was… bleak. And again… that's strange because I've been so privileged to travel across America and meet so many tremendous people in so many vibrant and interesting parts of the country.

Amell's personal feeling towards Donald Trump:

Bottom line: I don't really like Donald Trump, I wouldn't invite him to dinner, I probably wouldn't stay in a property he owns…

But he adds this important caveat:

 I don't yet know how he is going to govern. And I think that requires me to (tepidly) reserve judgement. Why? Because – holy shit!! – he's the President, and citizen or no, America is my home. I pay taxes. I care about the way the government treats its citizens. So… I hope he succeeds for EVERYONE. And I can't say I completely understand the opposite perspective – hoping for failure – even though I fully support someone's right to have it.

His final remark is a message of reserved optimism:

There's no place for anything but inclusion, honesty and transparency in 2017. I hope that's what we get.

Here is his full statement below.

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