The Viper And The Artist Take On Owens And Zayn

Shinsuke Nakamura is arguably one of the best in ring performers WWE has. I would like to see him over at RAW, but that would take something away from Smack Down. When he's paired with Randy Orton though, magic happens.

Kevin Owens is also a good performer, but Sami Zayn I'm less convinced about. His goofy, pop punk shtick is cute at best. Zayn was lucky enough to start the match against Nakamura. Nakamura is sort of unpredictable in a we know it's coming way, but Zayn was still outmatched. And when Orton got into the ring, Zayn tagged out. This match felt dis-proportioned, especially since both men seemed reluctant to fight Orton. Owens however took control of the match quickly, which shocked me.

Owens had Nakamura pinned, but it was to no avail. The two heels found their second wind, but Orton quickly took the wind out of their sails. Yet despite getting pinned twice, Zayn refused to quit. After a low blow, and interference with Owens, Zayn got the win over Orton. The two besties left the ring as winners, at least in their own minds.

Of course back stage, as the two gloated about their win to Daniel Bryan, Bryan delivered a nice face punch. Shane McMahon would be back next week to determine what would happen with both Zayn and Owens.


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