This is Gwar and Who Killed the KLF? Show the Spoils of Weirdness

This season's Fantastic Fest debuted two new music documentaries focusing on heavily mystique-driven bands: This is GWAR, directed by Scott Barber, and Who Killed the KLF? directed by Chris Atkins.  In this episode of Castle Talk, Jason chats with Deserts of Mars lead singer and comic creator Tony Salvaggio (Clockwerx, Psy-Comm) on the new docs.

This is Gwar and Who Killed the KLF? Show the Spoils of Weirdness
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Salvaggio reports that the challenge for any music doc is to avoid treading the same path of every music documentary, a groove so well-known that Bill Hader & Fred Armisen perfectly parodied the whole genre in their Documentary Now! two-parter Gentle & Soft: The Story of the Blue Jean Committee. 

The secret weapon of This is GWAR  and Who Killed the KLF is that the bands themselves are deeply weird– both are as much performance art as musical acts, although they represent opposite sides of the musical spectrum. GWAR is a costumed, fluid-spewing metal band, while the KLF was a house-music outfit best known for their novelty hit Doctorin' the Tardis under the name The Timelords. GWAR rocks on today, while the KLF didn't just quit, but they pulled up the tracks behind them, removing all their music from the market in a defiant nose-thumbing at the establishment.

Per Fantastic Fest:

This is GWAR: GWAR is the galaxy's greatest rock 'n roll band, an intergalactic troupe of marauders who crash-landed in Antarctica and are committed to rocking your face off. But they're also a bunch of amazing artists from Virginia determined to put on the wildest, bloodiest show you've ever seen. This is how.

Who killed the KLF?  They came to spread chaos and to make you dance. When the dancing stopped, the chaos was all that remained. One way or another, WHO KILLED THE KLF? is gonna rock you

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