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Jason Henderson, author of the Young Captain Nemo (Macmillan Children's) and Alex Van Helsing (HarperTeen) series, earned his BA from University of Dallas in 1993 and his JD from Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law in Washington, D.C., in 1996. His popular podcasts “Castle Talk” and “Castle of Horror” feature interviews and discussion panels made up of best-selling writers and artists from all genres. Henderson lives in Colorado with his wife and two daughters.

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Sea Fever Official Trailer | On Digital April 10th | DUST Feature Film

"Sea Fever" Gets First-Ever Live Stream Film Premiere

In what global entertainment company Gunpowder & Sky and its Sci-Fi label DUST is calling the "first-ever live stream film premiere," Neasa Hardiman's new film Sea Fever will be streamed live on the evening of Thursday, April 9 at 5:00 PM PT/8 PM ET at The screening will be followed by a live Q&A […]

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"Sea Fever" Director Neasa Hardiman on the Horror of the Sea

  This episode we're talking to Neasa Hardiman, writer/director of the new film Sea Fever, due out April 10 from Gunpowder & Sky/Dust. Sea Fever tells the story of Siobhan, a marine biologist (Hermione Corfield) doing research aboard a fishing trawler captained by Freya (Wonder Woman's Connie Nielsen) when the ship is stopped by what […]


Re-Assessing the Paranoiac Warm Glow of "The Twilight Zone: The Movie"

Recently the Castle of Horror asked listeners what kinds of films they'd like us to discuss, and the winner far and away was "more anthologies." That's probably because horror anthologies are always fun and rarely wear out their welcome—generally, if you're not crazy about the segment you're watching, if you hang around a few minutes, […]


New Thriller "Vivarium" Plays like a Feature Length "Twilight Zone"

We chatted with Lorcan Finnegan, director of the new film Vivarium (due out March 27), which plays like a feature-length Twilight Zone episode that turns out to have an eerie prescience for the deserted streets of today's pandemic social isolation. In Vivarium, as the producers describe it: Tom and Gemma (Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots) […]


"Scientists with Guns" Return in James Rollins "The Last Odyssey"

This episode we're talking to James Rollins, author of the new book The Last Odyssey from William Morrow/HarperCollins– a book in which Rollins' Sigma Force returns to investigate a mystery surrounding an ancient path to Tartarus, the Greek Hell. As Sigma Force investigates, different powers begin to move in on a radioactive discovery that could trigger […]

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In Churl Yo's "Isonation": Ultimate Social Distancing

This episode we're talking to In Churl Yo, author of Isonation. The book presents a future in which fear of contagion has led to a world where people live in hermetically-sealed apartments: social distancing has become complete social isolation. The family unit never leaves, and only communicates with the outside world through virtual reality (called the […]


K.B. Wagers' Hard-Edged Diverse Military SF "A Pale Light in the Black"

This episode we're talking to K.B. Wagers, author of the new book A Pale Light in the Black, the first book in a new military SF series from HarperVoyager. The publisher says about the author: K.B. WAGERS is the author of the Indranan War trilogy as well as There Before the Chaos, the start of the Farian War trilogy […]

[Castle of Horror] The Vampire Doll: Japanese Horror Blends Poe, Uni, Hammer And Makes Something New

The Vampire Doll: A Strange, Eerie Meld of Japanese, Western Horror

In this episode, the Castle of Horror team looks at the first film in the Bloodthirsty Trilogy, a tryptic of supernatural horror films from Japanese director Michio Yamamoto. This week: The Vampire Doll (1970), about a girl who goes looking for her missing brother at a spooky mansion haunted by a murderous vampire ghost. Yamamoto's […]

Castle Talk: J. Suzanne Frank on "When Fire Loves Water" and the Hidden Allure of Mermaids

Castle Talk: "When Fire Loves Water" Author on the Allure of Mermaids

This episode we're chatting with J. Suzanne Frank, author of the new book When Fire Loves Water Part 1 The Siren. Frank says in her biography: Suzanne Frank is formerly a lot of things: among them, a journalist, a freelance writer, an editor, and a writing teacher. Her passion for history has taken her to […]

5 Movies That Prove That Vampires Were Always the Plague

5 Movies That Prove That Vampires Were Always the Plague

Vampires in the movies have always stood for something. It's the original Rorschach blot for filmmakers and their audiences. Vampires can stand for sophistication and the boredom of privilege, as in The Hunger (1983) and The Only Lovers Left Alive (2013). It can stand for conventional ideas of sin and degradation, as in The Horror […]

"The Invisible Man" Review: A Tense and Suspenseful Thrill Ride

Castle of Horror: Is "The Invisible Man" the First #BelieveWomen Horror Movie?

  Not since the 1992 Candyman has there been a movie as concerned with a woman's efforts to be believed as 2020s The Invisible Man.  The film, directed by Leigh Whannell, jettisons most of the concerns of previous versions of HG Wells' 1897 novel, instead of focusing the criminal mischief of the invisible Mr. Griffin […]

Castle Talk: Katherine Hall Page on Why People Keep Coming Back to Mysteries

This episode we're chatting with Katherine Hall Page, author of the book The Body in the Wake, the 25th Faith Fairchild Mysteryfrom William Morrow/HarperCollins. As Hall Page talks about in the chat, The Body in the Wake, like the rest of its series, is a "cozy" mystery. "Cozy" is one of those labels that begins […]

Dead End Drive-In Used a 1986 Vocab to Show Us Our World Today

"Dead End Drive-In" Used a 1986 Vocab to Show Us Our World Today

Brian Trenchard-Smith's 1986 film Dead End Drive-In is one of those movies that appears to be one thing—in this case, a post-apocalyptic thriller in a sea of Mad Max imitators—and was in fact another: a sneakily subversive attack on mainstream culture. It sets up a world in which real-world situations play out in allegory, a […]

Castle Talk: Bent Heavens Author on Alien Invasions, Teens and Torture

Castle Talk: "Bent Heavens" Author on Alien Invasions, Teens and Torture

This episode we're chatting with Daniel Kraus, author of Bent Heavens, a new, horrific SF novel from Henry Holt/Macmillan Books. As of this writing the book is listed by Amazon as the #1 New Release in "Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Death & Dying."   The publisher sums up Kraus's storied career thusly: Kraus […]

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Trapped in the 80s: How Would You Escape with No Phone?

Imagine that you walk into a record store and suddenly find yourself in a time that looks almost like our own, except that nothing you use to navigate your world works. That time would be the 1980s, and that's the concept behind Connor Hoover's new book. Trapped in the 80s is the brand new "Pick […]

“Underwater” Harnesses Cloverfield By Way of 80s B-Movies

"Underwater" Harnesses Cloverfield By Way of 80s B-Movies

Underwater, which opened this weekend in theaters and stars Kristin Stewart and Vincent Cassell, is a welcome throwback to a movie min-genre we haven't seen in thirty years: the underwater Alien imitator. After the 1977 release of Ridley Scott's Alien, after the exhaustion of outer-space homage to the film, writers turned their attention to that […]