Thunderbolts: David Harbour Teases The "Mercenary Element" Of The Film

In June, we learned that a Thunderbolts project was in the works, and the news was confirmed at the conventions later in the year. At the D23 Expo, we learned the lineup for the movie would include Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen), U.S. Agent (Wyatt Russell), Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), Red Guardian (David Harbour), and Taskmaster (Olga Kurylenko). The release date is a little over two years away, July 26th, 2024, but the cast members are starting to tease things.

Thunderbolts Brings Some "New" To The MCU

If the MCU is going to keep the box office crown, it has to continue to innovate, or people will start to get bored with things. We already saw that the numbers of 2018/2019 were impossible to sustain before the pandemic happened, but COVID-19 and its fallout on the industry might have helped bring every back down to reality when it comes to what the definition of a "success" really is. Thunderbolts is a little under two years away, and it needs to do something to set itself apart from the other group movies of the MCU, like Avengers or Guardians. In an interview with Collider, Harbour said that he hadn't seen a finished script but what he has seen is "really good." He also said that "it's not what you'd expect. It incorporates a couple new elements, new things that we have yet to see in the universe." He also teased some of the things we could see from his fellow cast members and their dynamics.

"It's really cool. We introduce a thing that's super cool," Harbour explained. "It's vital. I'm psyched that Julia Louis Dreyfus' character is going to be, in a bigger way, explored. One of the things you'll probably know is that the me and Florence dynamic will be in there and explored in a way that's really cool. But all these guys, Sebastian's character, Wyatt's character, I just love this mercenary element in the MCU. MCU has always been sort of elevated in a certain way. Captain America, even Iron Man, although he has egos, are always in it for the right reasons or ultimately does the right thing. And I like these guys who are a bunch of losers or a bunch of guys who can't quite get it right. And so far what they've pitched me just feels really cool."

Thunderbolts: David Harbour Teases A Group Of "Losers"
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Violent Night: Summary, Cast, Release Date

To hell with "all is calm." From 87North, the bare-knuckle producers of Nobody, John Wick, Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, Bullet Train, and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw comes a holiday action-comedy that says you should always bet on red. When a team of mercenaries breaks into a wealthy family compound on Christmas Eve, taking everyone inside hostage, the team isn't prepared for a surprise combatant: Santa Claus (David Harbour, Black Widow, Stranger Things series) is on the grounds, and he's about to show why this Nick is no saint.

The film also stars Emmy winner John Leguizamo (John Wick), Cam Gigandet (Without Remorse), Alex Hassell (Cowboy Bebop), Alexis Louder (The Tomorrow War), Edi Patterson (The Righteous Gemstones) and Beverly D'Angelo (National Lampoon's Vacation franchise). Directed by razor-edged Norwegian director Tommy Wirkola (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Dead Snow franchise), Violent Night is produced by 87North's Kelly McCormick, David Leitch, and Guy Danella. The original screenplay is by Pat Casey & Josh Miller, the writers of Sonic the Hedgehog. The film's executive producer is Marc S. Fischer. It will be released on December 2nd.

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