Universal Monsters Film From Lord & Miller, Tatum Coming…Which One?

An unnamed Universal Monsters film is coming from Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The duo will produce the film, which will also star Channing Tatum, reuniting the creative team that brought us two better-than-they-had-any-business-being 21 Jump Street films. The curious thing here: they aren't saying which of the Universal Monsters it is. This is being billed as a "modern-day, tongue-in-cheek thriller inspired by Universal's classic monster legacy" and "is a bold genre reinvention of one of the studio's most beloved characters from the Monsters Universe." The story was broken by Reid Carolin, and the script will be written by Wes Tooke. Deadline reported the news of this new Universal Monsters pic yesterday.

Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Channing Tatum
Phil Lord, Chris Miller by Shutterstock.com/DFree, and Channing Tatum by Shutterstock.com/Denis Makarenko

Which Universal Monsters Character Could It Be?

After this year's hugely successful reimagining of The Invisible Man, the floodgates are finally open. There are a bunch of Universal Monsters projects in active development now, which makes this a curious announcement. The characters that make the most sense are either Dracula or The Wolf Man, but those are already covered. Would they really want to chop those more dramatic productions at the knees and make a comedy version? I don't think so, but I will tell you what I could see happening…

Bring in Jonah Hill, and have them play Abbott & Costello MAKING a horror movie, and do it that way. Then, you can keep the monsters free for their own productions while keeping the jokey nature of the project. Plus: they would kill it as Abbott & Costello. It could be Scooby-Doo like in nature, and the possibilities there are endless. I just want them to take the Universal Monsters seriously during this new creative period and keep all the momentum they have going. I have waited a really long time for this to come to pass, so they better not screw it up.

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