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The cast of Clone High (Image: MTV Studios)

Clone High: Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Bill Lawrence Series Sets Return

MTV Studios continues making waves in the animation world, announcing on Friday a deal with original series creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse) and Bill Lawrence (Scrubs) for a re-imaging of their 2002 television series Clone High Original series writer Erica Rivinoja will serve as showrunner, and write the pilot with Lord and[...]

Phil Lord and Chris Miller

Project Hail Mary: Phil Lord, Chris Miller Join Ryan Gosling Space Pic

Phil Lord and Chris Miller look to film the s*** out of Ryan Gosling’s next space thriller in Project Hail Mary The project is the adaptation of “The Martian,” author Andy Weir’s latest novel of the same name set to release spring 2021 from Random House Lord and Miller will direct the film for MGM,[...]

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Images courtesy of Sony

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Sony Passed on Mega-Crossover

If Chris Miller and his creative staff had their way, there would be three more A fan asked the producer if he could shed any light on the planned Tom Holland cameo Holland is the current incarnation of Peter Parker, who also exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Miller went a step further, pitching the[...]

“Connected”: Family Bonding Road Trip Meets “Maximum Overdrive” [TRAILER]

"Connected": Family Bonding Road Trip Meets "Maximum Overdrive" [TRAILER]

Sony's latest animated adventure Connected starts as a family road trip to see the daughter off to college. Things go awry when technology goes rogue a la Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive. The family have to flee the machines. If you are familiar with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse and The Lego films, then you are aware […]

'Spider-Verse' Had a Cut 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' Joke Too!

Parker said, 'Yeah, there’s a crazy musical that Bono did in my universe,' and they’re all like 'that’s crazy!'Unfortunately, the urgency and pacing of the movie didn’t have time to slow down and have everyone just chatting about musicals. Producer Chris Miller (of course) made a joke about the time being used for a "more important" joke[...]

'Spider-Verse': Lord & Miller Talk Importance of Stan Lee

It's not a secret that Lee had already filmed numerous cameos for upcoming Marvel Studios releases, but we didn't know the exact details of his Spider-Verse involvement.If you don't want the moment/scene spoiled, you may want to find something else to read, as this will contain a description of the cameo Lee is in from the[...]

Lord & Miller REALLY Wanted to Make a Miles Morales Spider-Verse Movie

It turns out that producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller had one stipulation for Sony regarding Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse; they agreed to do the project ONLY if it was the story of Miles Morales.Sony is ALREADY planning a sequel for their animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film which opens next month, so obviously they're pretty happy with the[...]

'Artemis' Film Gets Script from 'Captain Marvel' Writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet

She lives and works on the first colony on the Moon called Artemis, and it's being developed into a film that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are set to direct.Today the news dropped that the film will have a female screenwriter, and she's got a space hero in her background to boot. Geneva Robertson-Dworet is tackling the[...]

'Fan Forever' Ron Howard Talks 'Untitled Han Solo Film'

It’s gratifying to be asked to lend my voice to the [Star Wars] universe.”On Thursday, Lucasfilm officially announced that Howard was being brought on-board to complete filming after media sources reported that studio president Kathleen Kennedy fired previous directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller because the duo were adding too much of a comedic aspect[...]

The Flash May Have Played A Part In Lord And Miller Leaving Han Solo

The Star Wars film world is still reeling from the announcement today that writing/directing team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller who were doing the Han Solo solo film had parted ways with the galactic giant  Rumors abound, of course, as they would in such a situation.Popular theories that don't seem unlikely include things like going over budget, not[...]

Alden Ehrenreich Confirmed As Han Solo

The announcement was made at a panel with Katheleen Kennedy, Kiri Hart, Rian Johnson, Chris Miller and Phil Lord.Miller and Lord co-directed the Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street and will be helming Han Solo It will be written by Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon Kasdan wrote The Empire Strikes Back and The Force[...]

Fox Commits To Greatest American Hero Remake Pilot

The project, in the works for some time, is shepherded by Dope writer/director Rick Famuyiwa and directing duo Phil Lord & Chris Miller, already familiar with the work of Hero creator Stephen J Cannell from their two films based on his 21 Jumpstreet television show Cannell's daughter, television director Tawnia McKiernan, is also involved.The original 1981[...]

Han Solo Film Gets LEGO Movie Directors

THR is reporting that the LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord have signed on to direct/write a Star Wars stand-alone film focusing on a young Han Solo Miller and Lord were expected to develop a Flash film for Warner Bros as well as direct the next LEGO Movie and[...]