Update: Tara Strong Gets Her Facebook Page Back After Suspension For Sharing Anti-Semitic Abuse

Update: Tara Strong Gets Her Facebook Page Back After Suspension For Sharing Anti-Semitic Abuse

Bleeding Cool reported earlier today on Tara Strong's Facebook page, which was suspended after Strong shared anti-semitic abuse she was sent by Donald Trump supporters in response to her criticism of the new administration. Early this morning, Strong announced that her Facebook account had been reinstated:

With the account reinstated, Strong posted on Facebook:

Whoa…am I back?! I'm back!! Today I got notification that my page was disabled for good. I wrote in along with my hubs & lots of amazing fans. Thank you SO MUCH for all your support. The first three days I could see FB but could not comment on anything while it was being reviewed…then today they completely disabled it. Not sure who made the difference but truly…thank you all for having my back…the hashtag warmed my heart. For those who don't know the whole story, after posting a pic with me & Rizwan Manji stating, "This is what it looks like when Jews & Muslims are friends", I received an onslaught of antisemitic comments. When I shared the most disturbing one from Twitter on FB, it got flagged & my account suspended. I'm not sure if it's an algorithm flaw or a hater but either way I did not want to give up. This is why; from as young as 4, I have been standing up for those being bullied. I despise bullies. Defending my mom & sister & then kids at school. In the 5th grade I remember a boy crying in the street cuz some mean kids said if he went home he would be arrested. Looking back, he probably was autistic and at the mercy of school bullies. I went to him, made him feel safe and took him home. Regardless of what haters say on this page I have NOT name called ANYONE. If I block someone it is because they are abusive. I do not block kind or meaningful differences of opinions. The problem with Trump making fun of disabled, threatening women's rights, surrounding himself with Bannon & the like and of course the blanket Muslim ban, people think they can say ANYTHING because HE can. I urge you all to be open and honest and as much as possible, speak in kindness and empathy. STAND UP for those being bullied…always. I am not sorry I stood up for myself. NO ONE should be attacked for religion, color, sex, age, heritage, where they're from, sexual preference, on & on. My suspension came a couple days after Bannon said media should "Keep its mouth shut". THIS is why I wanted my page back. I will NEVER keep my mouth shut if I see an injustice & I hope to inspire others to stand up and not be afraid of their attackers. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them. Bullies cannot thrive if love & support surrounds the victim. No matter how you voted, we are all human. We all have the ability to feel empathy and we are ALL STRONGER TOGETHER. I have felt all your love and support & from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

All's well that ends well? For now.

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