VidAngel Shuts Down Forcing Parents To Parent


VidAngel, the service that lets customers stream censored versions of movies, has shut down for violating copyrights and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act according to a report by Deadline. The service seems to exist for the sole purpose of giving parents an excuse to let their kids watch whatever they want without having to parent. Deadline explains the service as such;

VidAngel buys DVD or Blu-ray discs for the films it streams. Each one is linked to a copy on its servers that one customer at a time can effectively buy, designating the kinds of content he or she wants filtered. Once done with the film, the customer effectively sells it back to VidAngel for a price that's discounted for the length of time it's been accessed.

VidAngel likens itself to the buying and selling of college textbooks while studios argue that it's just piracy which is it. They also have been about as sanctimonious as possible when addressing the lawsuit.

"We want to provide all of the studios a light" on what the law does and doesn't allow. "Some have privately expressed their hope that we can overcome," said General Counsel David Quinto.

It appears that parents worried about language, sex, or violence in movies will have to sit down and have a conversation about this material with their kids. The horror.

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