Vault Counters Comics Piracy with Digital "Pay What You Want" Charity Sale

Vault Counters Comics Piracy with Digital "Pay What You Want" Charity Sale

Vault Comics has an answer to the comics piracy problem, which has sparked discussion of potentially hundreds of thousands of people reading comics illicitly, allegedly 20 times the number of people buying them Of course, those numbers are based on bogus hit counter stats posted on the piracy websites themselves, which we previously explained probably[...]

Calm Down, People, 100,000 People Are (Probably) Not Pirating Your Comic Book

PSA: 100,000 Readers Are Probably Not Pirating Your Indie Comic Book

Comics piracy is the hot topic of the week, and understandably so, since a lot of comic book creators have been discovering that tens of thousands of people appear to be pirating their comics based on the view counters on various comics piracy sites It's a shocking thought Could an exponentially higher number of people[...]

Creators and Critics Talk Comic Book Piracy and Its Effects

Creators and Critics Talk Comic Book Piracy and Its Effects

Yesterday, Jude Terror wrote a piece quoting Donny Cates on comics piracy But it has become quite the conversation (again) on social media between comic book creators, publishers, critics and readers I think this is where it began...THREAD: I know this may upset some people and get others riled up, but it's something I feel needs[...]

Bad Boy of Comics Donny Cates Reveals Marvel Has Big Plans for Bats the Ghost Dog

Donny Cates: "Don't Pirate My @#$%ing Books, Dude"

He's more like The Fonz, "bad" in the Michael Jackson song sense, but with a strong moral code, and he looks great in a motorcycle jacket.Case in point: when Cates was tagged into an argument justifying comics piracy, Cates was quick to respond with a strong anti-stealing message:https://twitter.com/Doncates/status/1198667682461212672And as comics piracy was a topic of[...]


The Wandering Earth is Such a Hit It's Being Pirated Like Crazy in China

The National Copyright Administration and the movie studio have been freaking out and playing whack-a-mole, getting the pirated copies of The Wandering Earth yanked off pirate websites as soon as they get posted.Even then, the studio’s anti-piracy team leader Gong Ge’er has asked for the public’s help in alerting them to links for the movie[...]

Mark Ruffalo thor bootlegger

Bootlegger At Thor: Ragnarok Premiere Turns Out To Be Mark Ruffalo

As a result, fans were able to hear a portion of the movie before the stream ended for unknown reasons.At the premiere, precautions to prevent piracy included making audience members place their phones in sealed pouches, but nobody thought that one of the film's cast would be responsible for breaking the rule Thankfully, Ruffalo shut[...]

one piece

Spoilers Beware: One Piece Manga Scanners Arrested In Japan

"We hope that these arrests act as a warning against the continuing piracy epidemic and wrongful use of publications." In a story sure to bring a smile to Dan Slott's face, five people have been arrested in Japan for scanning and uploading pages from the manga One Piece before its release date.Though One Piece is[...]

Hackers' Blackmail Gambit Fails As No One Wants To Download Leaked Episodes Of Steve Harvey's Funderdome

However, according to a report from The Independent, as of this morning, the torrent had "only one seeder and zero leechers" on popular piracy site The Pirate Bay.Through our own nefarious sources, Bleeding Cool has obtained EXCLUSIVE footage of the hacker's plans to use Steve Harvey's Funderdome to blackmail ABC coming to fruition:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo7WIHJr6zAThe fiasco follows the[...]

The Pirates Don't Always Win: Blackmailing Ring Arrested, Including Theater Owner

That hasn't stopped one piracy ring from trying to get in on the action The film's production company Arka Mediaworks Entertainment Ltd received a call informing them that they had a copy of the film and would release it if their ransom demands weren't met by paying 1,500,000 rupee (about $23,000 US) The production company[...]

Deadpool, Superhero Flicks Dominate "Most Torrented" Movie List

Now, the piracy news and information website has revealed the top ten most torrented movies of 2016, with Deadpool topping the list Other comic book films on the list are Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Suicide Squad Other topics besides superheroes that interested pirates last year included[...]

VidAngel Shuts Down Forcing Parents To Parent

Once done with the film, the customer effectively sells it back to VidAngel for a price that’s discounted for the length of time it’s been accessed.VidAngel likens itself to the buying and selling of college textbooks while studios argue that it's just piracy which is it They also have been about as sanctimonious as possible[...]

Game Of Thrones Wins Coveted "Most Torrented Show" Award For Fifth Consecutive Year

Walking Dead took second place, followed by Westworld, The Flash, Arrow, Big Bang Theory, Vikings, Lucifer, Suits, and The Grand Tour.Torrent Freak, as accurate an authority on illegal downloads as anyone is likely to be, also reported some other trends, including a move to HD video downloads, and stagnant growth for Bit Torrent as users[...]

Paradox Interactive Has Figured Out The Best Way To Combat Game Piracy

With the rise of PC gaming exploding substantially, the creep of video game piracy is not far behind It's easier than ever for games to be stolen off torrent websites and it has required developers to get creative Some add game breaking bugs that slowly reveals pirates as they complain in forums, but Paradox Interactive[...]

ComicPLUS App Updates To 8.0 – Is It A Digital Comic Book Game Changer?

At New York Comic Con, I got to see iVerse's new comic reading app. It was a rather interesting departure, allowing you to incorporate your, erm, anonymously acquired comic book files as well as those that you bought, in app. To add your own Guided View-style experience for each comic (though they like to call […]

The Most Pirated Movies Of 2013 Vs. The Top Grossing Movies Of 2013 (In The US)

The international chart is still settling down.My first observation would be that family films perform very well in cinemas but don't attract such a deluge of piracy.. though, of course, Torrent Freak aren't accounting for the bootleg discs for sale down by the school gates.My second observation would be that Man of Steel is conspicuous[...]