We've Got The Six "Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars" Short Films Ahead Of Season 4 Premiere


The fourth and latest season of Avengers Assemble is titled Avengers: Secret Wars and will be making it's premiere on Disney XD on June 17th. The main series will be picking up immediately after the events in the season finale of Ultron Revolution. However, while we're waiting for the 17th, Disney has released a set of six short films to help introduce the latest additions to the Avengers. The newcomers include Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Wasp, Ms. Marvel, Vision, and Ant-Man.

The first one up follows Ms. Marvel's first official day as an Avenger. It's supposed to be a great first day, but like many newcomers, she has to find out if she'll be able to have the confidence to join the team. From there the shorts frame each of the stories from the point of view of Ms. Marvel, generally her talking with Captain America about each of the other new teammates. Then the last entry is a brief bit of Ms. Marvels backstory and then all of the new Avengers come together for a training session in the Danger Room.

You can check them all out in order below:



The short films are currently slated to only be available for a short time from now (June 2nd) until June 7th. Unfortunately the Secret Wars is based on the more recent 2015 comic storyline, and not the classic Jim Shooter 12-issue saga from 1984.

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