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Why a Kill Bill Vol. 3 Film Could Actually Work

It's been almost two decades since audiences were fortunate enough to experience Quentin Tarantino's cinematic masterpiece Kill Bill (divided into two parts). Although Bill's character isn't around – there's still plenty of potential directions that must be explored!

Of Tarantino's work, Kill Bill's spaghetti-western stylized revenge film remains one of the most ambitious projects in his career, which has additionally maintained its well-earned positive reputation over the years. By the ending of the second "volume," The Bride (Beatrix Kiddo) is able to unleash her revenge on Bill, ending his life and closing her chapter of revenge once and for all.

Despite the happy sense of closure we were given from Beatrix and her daughter B.B., there has been a few plot points left open-ended – as well as ideas that Tarantino himself has mentioned in the past about where the story could go next.

Quentin Tarantino Says "Kill Bill 3" is Actively Discussed
Kill Bill. Credit: Miramax Films

So why do we think Kill Bill Vol. 3 has potential?

Elle Driver

One of the most hateful, vicious characters we're introduced to in the world of Kill Bill is Elle Driver, also known by her Deadly Viper Assassination Squad codename, California Mountain Snake.

In the film, Beatrix faces off with each person individually, but Bill aside, none quite appeared to enjoy inflicting pain as much as Elle. In fact, her disdain for Beatrix and Bill's relationship, or Beatrix excelling at her initial training, resulting in the death of their former mentor Pai Mei. Surely you remember that bragging about his death didn't end well for Elle, but leaving her for dead (without either eye) in a film like Kill Bill suggests death isn't a guarantee.

We've previously heard Tarantino confirm her character's death is ambiguous – even going the obvious route and placing a question mark over her name on the film's end credits – so it wouldn't be too outlandish to predict Elle has become accustomed to her new challenges as a deadly adversary for Beatrix, B.B., or anyone in her last-ditch effort for payback.

Sofie Fatale

The final act of Kill Bill Vol. 1 has some of the most memorable action sequences from a Tarantino film, and O-Ren Ishii's former right-hand Sofie Fatale witnessed the bloodbath of the wedding chapel massacre and the House of Blue Leave battle with The Crazy 88.

When we last saw Sophie, she was rolled down a snow-covered hill with one arm and left at a hospital where she relayed Beatrix's blood-soaked message of revenge. Clearly devastated by the events, Sofie was shockingly close enough with Bill to know that B.B. was still alive and was absent in the second film entirely, which leaves the door open.

Sofie is another character that the writer and director has implied is still a moving piece in that world – mentioning that she would likely inherit the money from Bill after his death. He has also noted that she could very well have trained Vernita's daughter, which means that she has her own fury to marinate in – and that leads us to our next possible avenue.

Nikki Bell and B.B.

The introduction of the first Kill Bill is one of the most high-stakes ways to open a film, and it was a real gut-punch fight with instant set-up for a future tale.

When we first meet Beatrix, she's actually on her second kill (Vernita Green), which is delayed in an instant of comedic relief as the assassin's daughter arrives home from school. The two stop to exchange words; however, the fight resumes, and Nikki later discovers her mother's body and Beatrix. She tells the young girl that when she grows up, if she still feels raw about the death of her mother, she can seek her out to settle the score.

That heavy introductory moment added gravitas to Kill Bill and gave us the potential for stories as the children of the assassins grow up. Nikki could have been raised by Sofie, Elle, or even just taken her own path until seeking her out one day with a conflict that could see the daughters face off against each other. While it would be much more uplifting to see a B.B./Nikki team up against others seeking to take on Bill's mantle, we're much more inclined to believe a fight could be our more likely scenario.

With both daughters now being in their early 20's, it feels like a perfect chance to revisit the next generation of assassins in Kill Bill. However, can we do this without needing to kill Beatrix? She's been through enough already!

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