WWE Deletes Wrestlemania Main Event Poll That Roman Reigns Was Losing Badly


Earlier today, Bleeding Cool told you about a poll on WWE.com that asked who fans wanted to see main event Wrestlemania. The answer WWE wanted, of course, was Roman Reigns, because that's who they intend to have main event Wrestlemania. They just wanted the fans to confirm it. Gotta make Roman look strong. You know what doesn't make Roman look strong though? Losing badly in a "who do you want to main event Wrestlemania?" poll.

At the time of Bleeding Cool's earlier report, Reigns was ranked sixth in the poll with just 4% of the vote, behind John Cena (5%), Goldberg (7%), Finn Balor and The Undertaker (10% each), and AJ Styles, the clear winner with 41%. The only reason James Elsworth wasn't also beating Roman Reigns in the poll is that he wasn't included as a choice.

Obviously, that wasn't going to do, so the poll has now been Superman punched into oblivion, with the link leading to an empty page. Hoo-ahh! As to who will main event Wrestlemania 33 on April 2, 2016, it will almost certainly be Roman Reigns – whether you like it or not!

He's not a bad guy. He's not a good guy. He's just the guy who only 4% of fans want to see main event Wrestlemania, but he's going to anyway.

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