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WrestleMania 36 Boneyard Match Results Undertaker vs AJ Styles

The first night of WrestleMania 36 Night One wrapped up with the Boneyard Match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles. The two have been building to this for weeks now, starting when The Undertaker came out and destroyed Styles at the last WWE event in Saudi Arabia. Following that, the challenge was laid out by […]


"WWE Monday Night RAW": PPVs, Decent Promos Make Better Effort [Review]

After a mostly disappointing WWE Monday Night RAW last week, this week's episode took a little from last week's RAW and SmackDown and found ways to improve – a little. RAW opened with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar in an empty ring, within an even emptier performance center. Heyman gave a passionate promo to hype […]

'WrestleMania' 35: Welcome to Bleeding Cool's Live-Blog Experience!

Welcome to Bleeding Cool's live-blog of WrestleMania 35 – as the WWE's annual professional wrestling tradition comes crashing into MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, like someone who hasn't slept in three days driving a rental they paid the extra insurance for. We're here to offer you our perspective on the good, the bad, […]

'WrestleMania 35': Join Bleeding Cool's Live-Blog Experience TONIGHT!

The WWE's "Road to WrestleMania" is crashing into MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, like someone who hasn't slept in three days driving a rental they paid the extra insurance for – so we'd be remiss if we didn't bring you our perspective on John Oliver's bestest buddy Vince McMahon's pride and joy (sorry, […]

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AJ Styles Calls Out Dirt Sheet on Fake Contract News

If you're going to run a pro-wrestling dirt sheet, its best to have your facts straight, especially with wrestlers who actually read them like AJ Styles. Yesterday, Wrestling News World claimed that Styles and the WWE had come to terms on a new contract, something that's been talked about since October when the rumor got out […]

WWE 2K19 Sends Out Final Call for Million Dollar Challenge Entries

Would you like a million dollars just for playing a video game? 2K Games has sent out a final call for entries for the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge. Along with the video below, the company sent out info about a chance to play against AJ Styles and earn a million bucks by beating the Million Dollar Tower […]

Shinsuke Nakamura Has an Impossible Dream in Next Week's WWE #24

Next week, the 24th issue of explosive publisher BOOM! Studios' ongoing WWE comic hits stands, featuring a story about former WWE Champion AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. In a scene taking place after Styles' match against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series 2017, Nakamura reveals what match he'd like to see happen every week… AJ Styles […]

AJ Styles attacks Mr. McMahon: SmackDown LIVE, Dec. 25, 2018

73-Year-Old Man Who Played Santa Claus Violently Attacked on Christmas

Spoiling what should have been a lovely holiday, a 73-year-old man was brutally attacked on Christmas day, just 24 hours after a well-received performance as beloved religious figure Santa Claus. The attack, the latest in an ongoing War on Christmas, occurred on Tuesday's Christmas episode of WWE Smackdown Live, perpetrated by former WWE Champion A.J. […]

WWE Collectors Have Tons to Be Excited About: Mattel WWE at SDCC

WWE collectors had a heck of a first day at SDCC yesterday. Mattel went full-throttle at their panel, revealing tons of new figures and bringing WWE Superstars to talk about their careers and boost excitement. Superstars Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Becky Lynch, Matt Hardy (hilariously giving a monologue in his "Woken" character"), and as a […]

Up Up Down Down Launches New Retro Gaming Show with WWE Champion AJ Styles

WWE superstar Xavier Woods (otherwise known as Austin Creed) has created a YouTube empire with Up Up Down Down, a video gaming channel with more than 1.5 million subscribers. But Woods isn't the only superstar known for his penchant for video games, and now, WWE Champion AJ Styles is joining the channel with his own […]

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Backlash 2018: AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura Have Another Dream Match

Here we have another dream main event match with AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. The newly appointed heel has been upgraded significantly, and he even has an updated version of his already catchy theme song. AJ Styles, meanwhile, is still great. He's also the WWE Champion, which is what Nakamura wants. UP NEXT: There will […]

WWE, Horror Vinyl Figures Coming This Summer from The Loyal Subjects

WWE and Horror Icons vinyl figures are on their way from The Loyal Subjects. The blind box mini-figures come with multiple points of articulation and detailed likenesses of the Superstars and characters we all know an love. The horror figures should be in stores in May, while the WWE set arrives in June. The WWE […]

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WrestleMania 34: Bleeding Cool's Official Predictions

WrestleMania 34 is today! One of the most stacked cards in history, this seven-hour (!) show should have a little bit of everything this year. If things go the way we predict they will, there might be some surprises as well. Without further ado… let's dig in! Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal In the […]

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura

Before WrestleMania 34, We Revisit an Old AJ Styles/Shinsuke Nakamura Match

One of the highlights of this year's WrestleMania 34 is without a doubt the WWE Title match between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. Both wrestlers are extremely gifted, as proven every week on SmackDown Live. And while this is indeed a dream match between two of WWE's top performers, this isn't the first time the […]

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The Yep Movement Gets a Rematch, but is Ultimately Fractured

After both Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens lost to AJ Styles at Royal Rumble on Sunday, the two crashed Shinsuke Nakamura's opening speech, demanded a re-match, and then Styles came out, teamed up with Nakamura, and said they could do a tag team match. Surprisingly, Owens and Zayn denied. Per #SDLive GM @WWEDanielBryan, @FightOwensFight & […]

Here's A Massive Roided Up Spoiler For Tonight's WWE Smackdown Live

If you're planning to watch tonight's episode of WWE Smackdown and you like your pro wrestling to be a complete surprise, turn away now. You've been warned. It looks like WWE has reversed course and decided to do the unthinkable: hinder the Jinder. Tonight's episode of WWE Smackdown Live just finished taping in Manchester earlier […]

WWE Figures Galore Revealed At Today's Ringside Fest

Ringside Fest is a yearly gathering of wrestling figure collectors put on by online retailer Ringside Collectibles. Mostly focusing on the WWE, they sell a variety of Mattel and other companies products, but the main focus is the excellent Mattel WWE figure line. For years now, fans have flocked to New York to not only […]