WWE Superstar Paige Reportedly Sat Front Row At Last Night's Impact Slammiversary Event… In A Mask

In a shocking event the likes of which hasn't been witnessed since Madusa threw the WWF Women's Championship in the trash live on WCW Monday Nitro, current WWE Superstar Paige reportedly sat ringside at last night's Impact Wrestling (which is now called GFW, by the way) Slammiversary event to watch the main event between her fiancee, former WWE Superstar Alberto El Patron, and Bobby Lashley. Paige was allegedly captured by photographs at the event wearing a Dos Caras luchadore mask.

One fan sitting behind the masked superstar was able to capture a photo of her phone, which appeared to contain a visitor's pass made out to Saray Bevis. Paige's birth name is Saraya-Jade Bevis.


Paige hasn't commented on the accusations, but it wouldn't be the first time she's disregarded WWE's wishes. For months, Paige has been posting videos to her social media accounts featuring Alberto El Patron attacking WWE and its officials, like Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. El Patron even reportedly attacked WWE in a speech to the crowd after defeating Lashley in the World Championship match, calling WWE "that ****ing company full of losers."

WWE notoriously does not want its Superstars to appear on rival promotions' broadcasts, and they're unlikely to be happy with this, but Paige has seemed untouchable at WWE in her absence to recover from a neck injury, since Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is making a movie based on her life.

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