Yara Shahidi Has Been Cast as Tinker Bell in the Live-Action Peter Pan

Despite all things happening in the world, the Disney movies keep on spinning. While Mulan didn't have the blockbuster release that Disney wanted, that doesn't undermine how well movies like The Lion King and Aladdin both did. While COVID-19 is still very much slowing down productions, that doesn't mean that Disney isn't filling out the casts of the live-action remakes they have in the pipeline. Back in March, we got a casting announcement that Peter Pan and Wendy, which is currently being directed by David Lowery, had found its Peter and Wendy. Back in July, there were reports that Jude Law would be playing Captain Hook. Today, we got a report from Deadline that Yara Shahidi, from Grown-ish, will be playing Tinker Bell.

Yara Shahidi Has Been Cast as Tinker Bell in the Live-Action Peter Pan
Yara Shahidi wearing dress by Monse attends 2019 CFDA Fashion Awards at Brooklyn Museum. Editorial credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com

At the moment, we don't have any sort of production or release schedule when it comes to Peter Pan and Wendy, but once the ball starts rolling with releases and people can get back to work, perhaps we'll learn more information. It really depends on how the rest of 2020 goes and what kind of release decisions Disney ends up making with their movies. They recently delayed all of the Marvel movies basically a year from their initial release dates before COVID-19 happened. Mulan was released a PVOD offering, and while it seems they made a decent amount of money off of that movie, it probably wasn't enough to make up for the massive budget and basically having to do two marketing campaigns.

In terms of 2020 Disney movies, the two big releases we have remaining are Soul in November and Death on the Nile in December. The next four to six weeks are really going to define the rest of the year as far as movies go. This writer lives in Utah, where we just had over 1400 positive cases today and another four deaths. So, it's not going so well out here for me.

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