Zack Snyder Cuts Deep With Justice League Mustache Barb

Him: Zack Snyder, progenitor of Zack Snyder's Vision, the holy guiding light of the DCEU that was snuffed out by alleged fake feminist Joss Whedon at the urging of scheming Warner Bros execs more interested in their bonuses than in fulfilling the promise of the trilogy that began with Man of Steel and continued through Batman v. Superman. You: a devoted Snyderbrony, the colloquial term for hardcore fans of Zack Snyder. The medium: Vero, a social media service now gaining traction, though the prophet Zack Snyder has utilized it for years. It was here that Snyder posted a photo of his manly visage, displaying a virile mane of facial hair.

"Guess I got to shave this thing," Snyder opined.

"Or you could just remove it via CGI hahahaha," a loyal Snyderbrony replied.

"We all know that doesn't work," Snyder replied, referring to the horrifying effects of CGI removal of Henry Cavill's mustache in the course of the traitor Whedon's Justice League reshoots.

It would be hilarious if the situation weren't so dire.

Release the Snyder Cut, Warner Bros, so that we all can laugh again.

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