Zatanna Screenwriter Plans on Going All Out for the DC Film

The resident magician of DC is getting her own solo flick in the near future, and the film will apparently play into darker elements.

With DC's fan-favorite character Zatanna being the next big DC project, there's a lot of excitement behind the character who has been affiliated with several characters, teams, and major storylines. The film (that's currently in development for HBO Max) will be the first major live-action debut for Zatanna, and the film's screenwriter Emerald Fennell is prepared to take on the project head-on.

Promising Young Woman Director Emerald Fennell to Write Zatanna Film
L-R: Emerald Fennell arrives to the BAFTA Los Angeles and BBC America TV Tea Party on September 21, 2019, in Hollywood, CA. Editorial credit: DFree / | Artwork for the cover of the graphic novel Zatanna: Everyday Magic (2003, DC Comics). Illustration by Brian Boland.

Fennell, the Academy Award winner behind the 2020 critically acclaimed film Promising Young Woman recently spoke to Empire Magazine about signing on to the film, offering her ambition for the DC title. The Zatanna scribe explains, "There are lots of things about her that felt like they could be really, really interesting. And it'll be an opportunity to make something really quite dark. And that appealed to me, to make something big and scary. I love that stuff…The scale of [these movies] is so massive and so thrilling. Like, why wouldn't you want to write something like that when you can write huge, massive, crazy sequences and fights? Normally you're like, how can I show this in the smallest cheapest way [laughs]? To have complete freedom to really let your imagination run wild is such a joy."

Considering DC/Warner Bros. has proven they are prepared to utilize the big-budget aspects of each film so far, something as grand as Zatanna requires a different level of epic. If we can expect to see all of the flashy magic CGI sequences and epic battles, it's safe to say DC's superhero film for the streaming service is going all out.

When it comes to a transition from comic books to film, what would you like to see from the upcoming Zatanna project?

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