5 Nerdy Items Your Pets Can Enjoy Now That You're Always Home

Since most of us are now home all the time with our pets, maybe it's time to get them some new toys! As the owner of two cats, I know the importance of spoiling my little balls of fur rotten. Especially now that I'm home all the time. There's a little bit of everything here, and all are suitable for all kinds of four-legged pals.

pets zero

This cute dog toy is perfect for those The Nightmare Before Christmas fans out there. This fun toy, inspired by Jack's loyal dog Zero, this toy will provide hours of fun for your own pooch!

pets naruto

My cats tend to destroy every feather toy I buy them — which is good. It gets them up and moving. And this Naruto feather toy will help your little murder ninjas stay in shape!

pets manager

Let's face it. Your now the manager of your day to day, which means your pet is now your assistant. This adorable hoodie is available in a wide range of sizes, perfect for every size animal!

pets joker

Need to get your pent up frustrations out on the Joker? Let your little hyena (ok, your dog) go nuts on Mr. J! It may just be the most therapeutic thing you can do right now.

pets rick

After a long day of either being excited or annoyed by you, your pets deserve something to sleep on. This out of this world pet bed is ideal for all of our fuzzy pals! We promise they won't fly away either.

As an added bonus, your pet will likely love whatever box this is shipped in. My cats can't get enough of the boxes their stuff comes in. Either way, happy shopping!

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