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How to Draw The Child | Let's Draw Star Wars

Learn To Draw Your Very Own Baby Yoda With Lucasfilm

Earlier this year, the Funko POP vinyl figure hit stores like Hot Topic and sold out in minutes Hasbro has the first figure coming to retail any day now If you like Baby Yoda, now is the time to grab one if you can. Baby Yoda took over the world last fall after debuting in[...]

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5 Nerdy Items Your Pets Can Enjoy Now That You're Always Home

Since most of us are now home all the time with our pets, maybe it's time to get them some new toys! As the owner of two cats, I know the importance of spoiling my little balls of fur rotten. Especially now that I'm home all the time. There's a little bit of everything here, […]

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Let's Take a Look at Funko's 'The Mandalorian' Baby Yoda POP!

Some Hot Topics and other e-tailers have received their supply, and we got our hands on one So, let's look at the Baby Yoda POP, and see why it is one of the better ones ever made.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1178104,1178105"]Right away, this one feels different for being housed in a sideways box[...]

Looking to dress up as Harley Quinn for Galentine's Day?

Looking To Dress Up As Harley Quinn For Galentine's Day?

Now with Birds of Prey in theaters, her costumes have upped the antics, and even her fellow heroes look just as impressive![caption id="attachment_1159752" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photos courtesy of Hot Topic[/caption]Her Universe DC Comics Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Caution Tape Cosplay Jacket $89.90This jacket will be one of the hottest cosplay items to come from the[...]

"Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" is Getting a New Exclusive Funko Pop

"Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" is Getting a New Exclusive Funko Pop

Hot Topic recently announced that they will be getting an exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl from the iconic show To step things up a notch one of the Seven Deadly Sins is making his appearance as Wrath aka King Bradley has arrived This figure looks super badass and makes me hope we can start getting some[...]

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"The Mandalorian": The Merch Is Strong with Baby Yoda – and I Love It All!

Since making his debut on Disney+'s The Mandalorian, The Child (also known as Baby Yoda) has stolen the hearts of nearly everyone. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan by any means, but I absolutely adore The Child. It's cute, it eats frogs, and it's a curious little thing. Some might say Disney dropped the […]

These nerdy slipper socks will keep your feet toasty this season

These Nerdy Slipper Socks Will Keep Your Feet Toasty This Season

I'm a big fan of slipper socks — in fact I may have too many. They're warm, comfortable, and actually stay on my feet. I can lay back on the couch with them, or do simple chores in them. I have a pair for every mood I have, and so should you. Frozen Snowflake Slipper […]

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"The Office" Gift Guide: Ring In The Holidays in Dunder-Mifflin Style!

Michael Scott (Steve Carell) was notorious for ruining holidays on NBC's The Office, but that doesn't mean yours has to be! Get your best Belsnickel outfit ready and get ready to intimidate your friends. The holidays are here – so why not ring them in Dunder-Mifflin style? View this post on Instagram. Scott's Tots Hoodie […]

Baby Yoda Merch is On The Way, Maybe Even by Tomorrow Mandalorain Fans

Baby Yoda Merch is On The Way, Maybe Even by Tomorrow Mandalorain Fans

Amazon, Zazzle, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Hot Topic and Box Lunch are all expected to at least have merch on preorder tomorrow, if not in stores ShopDisney, Disney Stores, and Disney Parks will be stocked during the holidays I am guessing we will see plush, Funko Pops, figures, tons of clothing, and knick knacks galore[...]

You don't have to be bored this holiday season with these board games!

7 Nerdy Board Games to Counter Your Holiday Boredom

Looking to cure the wintertime blues this holiday season? Hot Topic has exactly what you need -- board games! From Rick and Morty to The Office, they have a board game for almost every fandom.Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Edition Operation $35.90Oh jeez Rick Not another Rick and Morty game! But this game is based[...]

Her Universe, Hot Topic Release New 'Captain Marvel' Inspired Line

Her Universe and Hot Topic have partnered once again to create and release a new line of fashion items (jackets, shirts, dresses, accessories) that are allllllll gonna help you go higher, further and faster because they're Captain Marvel inspired.The line just dropped this morning, and you can browse the items on both Her Universe's website and[...]

The Bleeding Cool Top 25 TV Influencers 2019: The Complete List

For 2019, the studio looks to add Scare Tactics, The Good Lord Bird, Tom McCarthy miniseries Run for Your Life; and Showtimeminiseries The Loudest Voice in the Room, the story of FOX News’ Roger Ailesstarring Russell Crowe.With Blumhouse looking to apply their winning formula across a number of networks and streaming services starving for original content, Jason Blum could be a bigger name in television than in[...]

The Loyal Subjects Masters of the Universe Wave 2 1

Let's Take a Look at The Loyal Subjects Masters of the Universe Wave 2

When I walked into Hot Topic last week and saw the remnants of a case, I snatched up all they had left Let's take a look at them shall we?[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="964956,964957,964958,964959"]These new Masters of the Universe figures feature the new type of boxes they are offering Gone are the blind boxes of old,[...]

The Bleeding Cool Top 25 TV Influencers 2019 Countdown: #20-#16

A gaggle of wonderfully bad movies.Television was my second "parent" with every example above (and a righteous amount more) another "sibling" whose influence directly impacted me, both personally and professionally.These were my "influencers."[caption id="attachment_964977" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Paramount Pictures/Hot Topic/ABC/YouTube Premium/TBS[/caption]Which brings us to The Bleeding Cool Top 25 TV Influencers 2019 Countdown, a look inside our[...]

BC Toy Spotting Collage

BC Toy Spotting: Funko, Predator, Spider-Verse, Fortnite, WWE, and More!

The box is the same with both.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="945806,945805,945800,945803,945804,945795,945793,945794"]On the Funko front this week, we found the latest chrome Marvel Pop of Gamora, the Kubo and the Two Strings Pops are hitting, and Hot Topic got in their exclusive Hot Topic girl The Kingdom Hearts 3 Mystery Minis are out, as are the Marvel[...]

Funko KH3 Collage

Funko Round-Up: Kingdom Hearts 3, Summoners War, Overwatch, and Aquaman!

A wave of Mystery Minis will be available, with exclusives appearing in cases at Hot Topic, and we will also be getting two Pop Keychains and four different Pop Pens.[gallery columns="2" ids="931635,931632,931623,931633,931637,931626,931625,931624,931634,931636,931622"]Eleven new Pops will also be available, with no less than five different versions of Sora available Three of them will be exclusives: His[...]

Funko Collage 440

Funko Round-Up: Stranger Things, Vince Gilligan, Harry Potter, and More!

A wave of holiday ornaments is also coming, one for each kid, Hopper, and the demogorgon.An ornament three-pack of the demogorgon, Eleven, and Steve will be exclusive to Hot Topic.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="930117,930118,930119,930120,930121"]Stranger Things 5 Star figures will also be arriving in stores, one for each kid.Dustin and Steve get their own Vynl two-pack.[gallery columns="2"[...]

Funko Riverdale Archie

New Riverdale Pops are on the Way From Funko in November

He will be found exclusively at Hot Topic.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="928175,928177,928181,928176,928179,928178"] Take a trip back to Jughead’s dream sequence with the newest series of Riverdale Pop! Collect Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, and Betty Cooper, all wearing their dream sequence attire.In addition, Reggie Mantle shown in his High School football uniform joins the series.Look for Kevin Keller, available at Hot Topic!Also[...]

Funko Chrome Thanos Purple

Funko Round-Up: Chrome Thanos, Woody Woodpecker, Chucky, and More!

If you don't you can collect a new Chucky keychain and a Hot Topic exclusive Chucky on a cart pop to haunt your nightmares No thanks.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="925820,925818,925821,925819,925817,925816"]And finally, Thanos gets not one, but six new chrome Pops, one for each color of the Infinity Stones The downside? All six are Walmart exclusives[...]