Max Landis' Pitch For The Pokemon Movie Sounds Pretty Interesting


Yesterday it was revealed that a live action Pokemon movie was finally going forward after years of negotiations, and that rather bizarrely, it will star Detective Pikachu. When this was announced, film, tv and comic writer Max Landis revealed on Twitter that he pitched for the Pokemon movie multiple times, and that it was actually one of favorites ever.

Well, he has outlined the set-up of that pitch in an interview with ScreenRant, and it sounds quite interesting, if for no reason that it sounds like an anti-Pokemon movie of sorts. In the interview he said:

It was about a kid named Blue, or really more about a kid named Red. You know, he is called Red, because he has red hair, and his mom is called Red because she has red hair too.

She was a very successful Pokemon trainer part of a team called Team Rocket. She was extremely successful at a very young age, but then her team turned on her. Team Rocket is a little bit like the Lakers, a little bit like the Dodgers, they are the big money team. People pay to see them lose and they kinda f'ed her over before the movie even started.

Now Red kinda hates Pokemon, not interested in being a Pokemon trainer, y'know living in the world of Pokemon, Pokemon is a cultural phenomenon. Most families own a Pokemon, at least as a companion. It would be wrong to call them pets, they are smarter than pets…

Then realizing he is probably saying too much, he cuts the pitch short. He does go on to say that it was 'an extremely emotional, really cool movie that I'm sad won't exist.' Landis then goes on to talk a whole bunch about the numerous other projects he is showing off at the Con.

It's a fascinating interview and you can really see the writer was jazzed about the idea. I encourage you to go give it a watch.

As for the pitch, the idea of making Pokemon something the lead doesn't like to begin with is certainly a neat spin. Team Rocket seems a fair bit tweaked though, but hard to say without knowing more. I certainly would love to hear the rest of that tale some day.