That Honking Big Casting Spoiler From Supergirl – Who's In The Pod?

Peter S. Svensson posts spoilers for Bleeding Cool.

Seriously, these are spoilers. If you are watching Supergirl and want to not know the answer to the mystery from the season finale, look away now.

You have been warned. This is a spoiler. Possibly a huge one. Maybe a small one. But a spoiler none the less.



Earlier this week, actor Chris Wood (Vampire Diaries, Containment) was just cast for a mystery role for Supergirl season two, said to be an established DC character. Season one ended with the discovery of a Kryptonian pod with an unknown inhabitant within. A reliable source has informed us that they are in fact one and the same. Chris Wood is the character inside of the pod.


So then, who is he?

There are precious few male DC characters that it could be. Especially ones that make sense in the context of being a CW show full of pretty pretty actors. But there are two hints. This is Supergirl, and there is a pod like Kara's. There really is only one answer.

It's Mon-El.


In the comics, Mon-El arrives on Earth in a rocket like the one Kal-El was sent in, and is mistakenly confused for a Kryptonian briefly due to amnesia and Superboy desperately wanting not to be alone. He is eventually revealed not to be Kryptonian, but rather a Daxamite, a race with most of the same powers as Kryptonians. (Though they are weak to lead instead of Kryptonite.) While he first arrived on Earth in the present era, he normally is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the superhero team of 1000 years in the future. In some accounts, his modern era adventures establish the galactic civilization that the Legion defends.

This gives the show some new options. First, a new love interest for Kara who has superpowers, but isn't Kryptonian with all of the baggage that brings. Second, a potential rival in heroism. Third, we know that the Arrow-Verse is setting up the Legion, and this would be a step in that direction. Mon-El is traditionally a Superman cast member, albeit one who normallly is just stuck in the future or the phantom zone, and thus makes sense for the series.

Expect an announcement at today's Supergirl panel at San Diego Comic Con. Alternatively, they aren't going to reveal who he is just yet, dragging out the mystery for a few episodes.

If I'm wrong, find me at the con Sunday and I'll give you a personalized "I'm so sorry" song. But my source is good, and this matches all the evidence provided in the series to date. Let's see how this goes.

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