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Nerd Beauty: Ready Player One Bath Bombs (VIDEO)

Last week I saw Ready Player One, an enjoyable eyegasm of pop culture references. We already have a plethora of Ready Player One reviews (here, here, and here), so I'm here to review the bath bomb set from Hot Topic.

For a little under $8 (seriously, their RP1 items are all 50% off now) you get three bath bombs. That's a great deal, especially for a themed item.

Nerd Beauty: Ready Player One Bath Bombs (VIDEO)

I started with the green key, and frankly it just smelled like any generic Hot Topic perfume. That's not a bad thing, but the scent wears off almost as soon as you put it in the tub. But! The pigment in the bomb is great, and it does an awesome job of turning the water green.

Nerd Beauty: Ready Player One Bath Bombs (VIDEO)

I threw in a relaxing bath soak as well (hence the herbs in the photo) and soaked for a while. It certainly isn't a bad bath bomb, but like I said, the scent wears off and you're left with green water. But the item is on sale, so I personally think it's worth a buy.

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