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Mountain Dew Will Be Bringing Back Its Typhoon Flavor

PepsiCo revealed this morning they're bringing back one of Mountain Dew's most popular flavors with the return of Typhoon. Also known as "that one flavor people keep putting on lists", Typhoon struck a chord with people when it was released onto the market back in 2010, and then brought back again in 2011 for fun, but was taken off the shelves and many assumed was basically lost to time after a decade worth of asking for it back went without response. Now it appears we're getting the flavor back, but only for a limited time and only online.

Yes, it is true, they're not letting this one come back to physical shelves. If you want to buy this particular Mountain Dew, you'll need to do it through the Dew Store. What's more, you can only purchase it in cans (sorry plastic bottle lovers), and you'll need to do it in packs (no individual can orders). As an added requirement, you'll need to be a member of the DEW HQ to purchase them, which you have to sign up for and have an account by May 24th, or you won't be able to buy them.

Mountain Dew Will Be Bringing Back Its Typhoon Flavor
Credit: PepsiCo.

The company didn't give a timeframe as to how long they'd be around but based not the fact they're making you jump through a couple of hoops just to get your hands on it, we're guessing two, maybe three weeks at best. This is basically a test to see just how popular this flavor is without mass-producing it, and if the hardcore fans of this flavor really want it, they'll go through the steps to get it. Like a lot of limited-time flavors, popularity is no guarantee they'll make it publically available again on store shelves, so best to get your order in if you really want it before this vanishes. You can start buying them on June 1st, 2022.

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