An Iron Man Made Of Urine Wins Art Prize

An Iron Man Made Of Urine Wins Art Prize

Taiwanese art student Wong Tin Cheung has won a major art prize from the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts worth $13,500 for an artwork depicting the face of Iron Man, made with a variety of types of his own urine.

A fan of Marvel Comics, he was inspired by finding blood in his urine, to create urine of different colours, to match the Iron Man pigments as closely as possible, with a final flourish with a little saliva. Indeed, he had to keep topping up the bubbles before the judges arrived. The piece, held in a toilet bowl, is called Blood Urine Man.

And yes, it stank. It still won.

You know, I do hope Marvel use this as a variant cover…


China Times, via MicGadget

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