First Trailer For Underworld: Awakening Has Appeared Online

First Trailer For Underworld: Awakening Has Appeared Online

I can't call myself an expert on the Underworld movies, although I think I've seen at least two of them. The plots have blurred in my mind to become a big chunky soup of pale people, tight leather outfits, shooting and explosions. I've heard some people claim that they're very good while others insist that they're all crap. For my part, I remember being very entertained at the time, even if I was unable to recall a single detail afterwards.

The next installment – Underworld: Awakening – will be in cinemas from 20th January 2012 and features Kate Beckinsale in an outfit that I can only imagine she has to cut up and peel off at the end of each shooting day, along with Charles Dance (thankfully not in a tight leather outfit), Stephen Rea and India Eisley. A trailer has just been released online, and though I can't quite work out what the film is about, it's definitely going to contain lots of shooting, jumping, explosions and slow-motion.


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