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rick and morty
Now, Rick forcing Morty into beyond messed up situations and shaming him for being himself is part and parcel of the premise of the show and is never coded as "okay", however within the confines of the show having increasingly messed up situations our heroes find themselves in, audiences are frequently faced with a moral[...]
My Broken Mariko: A Funny, Sad, Mad Howl of Grief
It's an explosive wail of grief and pain with madcap humour and raw emotion. Editor's Note: Adding a trigger warning to this review as we talk about the aftermath of physical and sexual abuse and suicide Proceed with caution and be safe.  "My Broken Mariko" by Waka Hirako, cover art courtesy of Yen Press. Tomoyo Shiino is a[...]
Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, Duffer Brothers
Crew member Peyton Brown posted on Instagram that she would not be returning to the show when production on the third season of Netflix's hit sci-fi series begins, initially keeping the identity of those accused vague: "I personally witnessed two men in high positions of power on that set seek out and verbally abuse multiple women[...]
Fuller House: Jeff Franklin out as Showrunner over Behavior Complaints
As a result of numerous complaints accusing the showrunner of being verbally abusive and making inappropriate statements in both the writers' room and the show's set, Netflix and Warner Bros. TV have decided to not renew their overall production deal with Fuller House's Jeff Franklin.
The 'Overwatch' Reporting System Couldn't Have Come Soon Enough
Now with the latest updates, not only can you report somebody for abuse, the system is quite effective on how quickly it takes notice. The above video shows a PC user scrolling through the new options a player now has available to them You click the down arrow by the player's name to report, choose the[...]