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Acquisitions Inc.: The C-Team Confirmed for D&D Live 2019
D&D Live 2019 is slowly becoming bigger as we're now seeing some of the rumored names finally be added, like Acquisitions Inc.: The C-Team who will be playing a live game It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Acquisitions Inc would be represented in some form at the event since Penny Arcade and Dungeons[...]
Acquisitions Inc. is Coming to Neverwinter on Console
characters like Omin Dran, Jim Darkmagic, and Walnut Dankgrass which are voiced by Holkins, Krahulik, and Amy Falcone respectively. The new campaign offers players the opportunity to join the famed adventuring company and become a full-fledged member of Acquisitions Inc. Players have access to The Heart of Fire content at level 15, with various missions included through the leveling[...]