Preparing To Be Annihilated With Acquisitions Incorporated At PAX West

Short version: There's a lot of parties after off-site awesomeness at PAX West. It would be easy to sit here and brag about all the stuff I got to go to that had nothing to do with the primary convention, but the best experience of the four days we were in Seattle was the live performance/taping of Acquisitions Incorporated. This particular show was held at the Seattle Symphony, which quite honestly, is the best venue for an occasion like this. I remember seeing the live Markiplier show from last year's PAX being performed on this stage and it makes for the perfect setting both for presentation and with the audience. It's cool to see this show with a budget.

Preparing To Be Annihilated With Acquisitions Incorporated At PAX West Preparing To Be Annihilated With Acquisitions Incorporated At PAX West

The pictures above were my wonderful balcony seat where I got to check out both the show and the crowd's reaction, along with some lovely intro slates that made the crowd laugh and warmed everyone up before the show. Out came some of the series regulars including Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Patrick Rothfuss, and Chris Perkins as the Dungeon Master. Plus, special guest Commander Holly (Holly Conrad) as a trash witch, so bonus for us! This particular show had a dinosaur race, fighting with cats, gargoyle mischief, and two dinosaurs battling it out as they played a portion of the upcoming Tomb Of Annihilation adventure for Dungeons & Dragons! If you'd like to see what I saw, you're in luck! The entire show was broadcast live on Twitch, which you can see below. And by the way, I would love to see a fully animated version of this show if they ever find the budget to do those intro pieces full-time. A big thank you Acquisitions Incorporated and their PR crew for the invite, this was an amazing show and I can't wait to see another.

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