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Black History Month May Bring More African-American Writers To Marvel Than Ever Before – Including Darryl McDaniels On Guardians Of Infinity

He kept that nice and quiet at the weekend. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Darryl McDaniels Performs It's Tricky And Walk This Way At Thought Bubble 2015 #TBF15 ( Even though he performed with his we-now-understand-to-be-fellow Marvel comic creators Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Kate Leth and Marguerite Bennett, Darryl McDaniels didn't let slip […]

Lenny Henry Tackles Lack Of Black Comic Creators, On BBC Radio 4's Today Programme

BBC Radio 4's Today Programme this morning, ran a feature towards the end of its three hour broadcast, looking at the ethnic makeup of modern day comic book creators. Today's edition of the show was guest-edited by long-standing British comedian, writer and producer Lenny Henry, who rocketed to media attention this year after preaching about […]

A Very Black Superman

  Well I guess it is Super Black History Month. In a preview of Gene Ha's work from an upcoming issue of Action Comics #9, the DC Source has shown us that the Superman of a parallel Earth isn't the old white guy you might once have known, but a rather buff black man. Grant […]

The Power Of A Black Spider-Man

Tonight, it is possible that Marvel will pre-announce the identity of the new Ultimate Spider-Man to the Associated Press, or similar.It is possible he will be a young African American, potentially the Ben Reilly scientist character who has stores the late Peter Parker's DNA and that's certainly what Bleeding Cool has been speculating.But that's all,[...]

Over Analysing Ultimate Spider-Man's Neck

Does  Spider-Man, in this preview for Ultimate Fallout #4 featuring the new Spider-Man, have an African American neck? Could it be heavy shadow or lighting? Or are Marvel just playing silly buggers as usual?Let's find out on Monday when Marvel leak it to the New York Times.Is it or isn't it? It is, isn't[...]

IGN Calls Star Of Batwing #1 "African-American"…

I once heard of an American newsreader who described Nelson Mandela as "African American".But in announcing the story DC gave them about Batwing #1, from Judd Winick and Ben Oliver, IGN made the classic slip up;"Batwing #1, starring the first ever African-American character to don the mantle as the Batman of Africa."When, of course, reading[...]

Will We Be Getting A Black Spider-Man?

Something's in the air. It wasn't long ago that Donald Glover was trying to get cast as Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man movie. It caused a little controversy on both sides, but even Stan Lee said he should have a shot. There's a scene in yesterday's Amazing Spider-Man where everyone becomes alternate dimensional counterparts […]