Siren Season 1, Episode 10 / Series Review: A Weak Season Finale for a Promising Series

Welcome to our final edition of Bleeding Cool's weekly recap/review of the first season of Freeform's Siren, Eric Wald  and Dean White's mermaid fantasy-action drama. The season finale brought a permanent end to some of our characters; major changes to others; a town council demanding answers; and Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola) at a personal crossroads – with Ryn […]

Siren Songs s01e10: Bleeding Cool's Mer-Mazing Season Finale Live-Blog!

Welcome to Siren Songs: Bleeding Cool's Mer-Mazing Live-Blog!, as we take a look at the season finale of Eric Wald and Dean White's mermaid fantasy-action drama Siren, 'Aftermath'. The streets of Bristol Cove have become a human/mere-people battleground, with Ryn (Eline Powell), Ben (Alex Roe) and others struggling to maintain some kind of peace — but is it already […]

Siren Songs: Join Bleeding Cool's Mer-Mazing Season Finale Live-Blog Tonight!

Eric Wald and Dean White's mermaid fantasy-action drama Siren is rushing head-long into a mere-folk/shady goverment showdown on the streets of Bristol Cove. Can Ryn (Eline Powell) find a way to bring about a ceasefire before things gets worse – even as her sister Donna (Sibongile Mlambo) lays dying from a gunshot wound, courtesy of […]

Freeform's 'Siren' Season Finale Sneak Peek Finds Bristol Cove Under Siege

With Eric Wald and Dean White's mermaid fantasy-action drama Siren set to wrap its first season this Thursday, Bristol Cove finds itself under siege as angry mere-people and shady government officials have already turned the coastal fishing village into a warzone – with casualties on both sides. In a preview from this week's season finale 'Aftermath', […]

Schwarzenegger Hunts For Man Responsible For Family's Death In 'Aftermath'

Aftermath, originally titled 478 is a revenge film, based on the Überlingen mid-air collision that happened in June of 2002 and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maggie Grace (Taken), Kevin Zegers (Notorious), Hannah Ware (Boss), and Scoot McNairy (Halt and Catch Fire).  The trailer is suitably tense, as McNairy plays an air traffic controller who is taking a coffee […]

What Aftermath? You Say Karen's Trapped In A Volcano…

One of the things I really like about the Syfy series Aftermath is that no matter how over the top the situation is, the actors play it straight. The humor comes form the honest moments. The new sneak peek for the next episode may have one of the best synopsis attached: "Karen's trapped inside of […]

Giant Killer Plants Are Bad For Your Engine

I've been catching up on the new Syfy series Aftermath. I'll be doing a recap of the first four episodes over the weekend, but they've released this sneak peek of episode five as the family deals with their RV being overrun by a killer plant. The series stars James Tupper and Anne Heche… and episode […]

Avatar Plug of the Week – Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #3

The original zombie epic returns with a fresh and violent picture of the end of the world courtesy of David Hine in today's Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #3! Las Vegas is a city of the dead now.  The zombie epidemic hits new heights as the government tries to cover up the extent the […]

"Oh, look… A cute little Woodchuck… Aargh!!!"

It doesn't take BRAAAIinnessss to figure out zombies are all the rage. Apparently, even store mascots are not immune to the epidemic. Mile High Comics has their very own store exclusive cover for the recent NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: AFTERMATH #1, which released on Halloween. You can order your own limited-edition copy here. For information on […]

Avatar Plug of the Week: Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #1

Night of the Living Dead, makes it's return today, Halloween, with an all-new on-going series, Aftermath! Horror Master, David Hine (Crossed, The Darkness, Spawn), launches the new series a decade after Romero's first film. Set in the excess of the late 1970s, we follow the world as it has evolved with the zombie threat, a disaster they […]

Retailers to Throw Halloween Parties

Halloween comes but once a year. Halloween on a Wednesday (aka New Comic Day)? The next one won't be until 2018 and the next one after in 2029. To celebrate this rare combination of geek-out fun, many comic shops are hosting events. The best ones are tying in to Avatar's new on-going zombie series, Night […]

Which Retailer Will Win?

With the launch of Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #1 debuting this Wednesday (Halloween), Avatar Press wants to reward the top three retailers who have the best events on Halloween! Will it be you?

Why Retailers Should Invite Zombies Into Stores on Halloween

Here's an Avatar plug, straight out of the August Previews catalog, for the horror fans and ambitious retailers among us! Perhaps we should start off by saying: They're coming to get you, Barbra. They're coming for you… …this time, right in your neighborhood comic shop! On Halloween, zombie lovers across the world will have a […]

First Look at Avatar Covers for November

Avatar Press reveals the issue covers to all its new releases slated to be on store shelves in November, and live for pre-orders from comic shop retailers as of Diamond's September Previews catalog.     Stitched Volume 1 Graphic Novel Written by Garth Ennis and Adapted by Mike Wolfer Artwork by Mike Wolfer Softcover Edition, […]

FIRST LOOK: Night of the Living Dead Aftermath and Day of the Undead

Here's a first look at the cover images from Avatar's upcoming August Previews catalog solicitations. David Hine (X-Men: The 198, Civil War: X-Men) will be taking their Night of the Living Dead franchise and creating something new and epic with it. The new ongoing Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath series is set to debut […]

Next Men Aftermath Vs Doctor Who Series 6

John Byrne writes; As sometimes happens when a story idea percolates for a long time — too long? — my plans for NEXT MEN: AFTERMATH have hit a speedbump. Namely, the recent DOCTOR WHO "finale" played most, if not all, the cards I was planning for my series. This presents a major problem for me, […]