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Russell T Davies' Its A Sin Breaks All 4 Streaming Records
Sales of Philip Normal's It's a Sin inspired 'La.' t-shirt have raised over £250,000 for the charit It's A Sin follows the story of AIDS in the 1980s, charting the joy and heartbreak of a group of friends across a decade in which everything changed and its significant reach has helped drive an increase in the[...]
Russell T Davies Filmed New Doctor Who Dalek Scenes For "It's A Sin"
who died of AIDS-related illnesses in 1995  "He became very wonderful in his AIDS activism when he was ill," Russell remembers, "but to me, he was that boy from Remembrance of the Daleks That's why I knew I had to write a Dalek scene in It's a Sin I didn't do it as a joke[...]
The War Of The Savage Dragon Sketches
Image Comics employee Branwyn Bigglestone has been raising money for her participation in the AIDS Walk SF, to aid the Homeless Youth Alliance As befits her prescence in the industry, she was able to lean on one of two folks to lend a hand. Which is how we got these warring Savage Dragon sketches[...]
Chris Claremont Signs At Penn Plaza For World AIDS Day
next Wednesday at 7.30PM. It's part of a nationwide serveis of events at the Borders bookstore chain on that date to commemorate World AIDS Day and raise money for Lifebeat, an AIDS educational nonprofit organisation Borders will donate a quarter of all proceeds from such signings to the group. So if you're in and around Manhattan and[...]