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Super7 Gets Blind Boxes Right With Alien Xenomorph ReAction Figures

Super7 Alien Xenomorph Blind Box Figures 1

On Alien Day last month, I was on the hunt for cool Alien collectibles, and stumbled upon these bad boys on the Super7 Store page. The Alien ReAction figures are awesome throwbacks to the 3.75 inch toys of old, and I've always loved the sculpts on these, so I ordered five of them and waited patiently for them to arrive. With three types of Xenomorphs available, I figured ordering five should be good, since they randomly choose the boxes they send to you.

The boxes themselves are styled after the vintage Kenner toys, and even refer to the Xenomorph as Space Villain. These figures are 12 to a case, and as you can see from the side, the most common is the regular black Xenomorph. The hardest one to get is the blue with blood spatter, at two per case. Right smack dab in the middle is the acid green, at four per case.

Out of my boxes, I got one black, two acid green, and one blue with blood spatter. I haven't opened the fifth, since I don't really need to and I wanted one to keep mint in box for display.

The figures themselves are awesome. Each one has the same seven points of articulation: arms, legs, tail, head, and extendable jaw that is controlled by a slider on top of the head. Each also comes with a glossy colored dome, just as the original Kenner figure did. Out of the three, my favorite is the blood spatter Xenomorph. Its unique paint job just sets it apart look-wise from the other two. Sure, the classic one is iconic, and the acid green is just as striking to look at, but there's just something really cool about the blood spatter that puts the blue one over the top.

I couldn't be happier with these, and as far as blind boxes go these days, $9.99 a box is a pretty good deal. That's what these would have retailed for on a ReAction card, anyway. If I hadn't lucked out and gotten all three, I would be ordering more. Speaking of which, these are still available for to order now, right here from Super7 themselves.

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