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Alterna Comics is best known for printing on newsprint and pricing most of their comic books between $1 and $2 Over a week ago, Bleeding Cool ran the news that Alterna Comics was pulling out being distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors in light of the current shutdown Even as Diamond was still holding onto product[...]
We'll Get Through This Together
Peter Simeti, publisher of Alterna Comics has issues the following statement about their upcoming production schedule, in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. Alterna Comics is operating at about 80% We are still fulfilling online direct orders at We are still talking to many retailers right now about what's going on, fans included — the[...]
Fear Diaries and FUBAR All-Stars Take the Stage: Alterna Comics April 2018 Solicits
New titles Fear Diaries, by Garrett Gunn and Nicolas Touris, and FUBAR All-Stars, by Michael Exner III, Michael Bracco, Chuck Dixon, Kelly Williams, and more, are coming out through Alterna Comics this coming April Details below. SONITUS #2 of 3 (W) Cody Sousa, Dan Sheppard (A) Cecilia Lo Valvo, Dee Cunniffe (L) Dezi Sienty Reality begins to unravel as the darkness within the house begins to consume everything in[...]
Sonitus And The XII Begin: Alterna Comics February 2018 Solicits
This February, Alterna Comics is bringing you Sonitus and XII The first is a supernatural horror book by Cody Sousa, Dan Sheppard, and Cecilia Lo Valvo, and the second is a post-apocalyptic tale by Patrick Trahey and Luis Suarez. SCRIMSHAW #4 (MR) (W) Eric Borden (A/CA) Dave Mims Scrimshaw is back! All is quiet until mercenary cut-throat Danny Yuda finds Hans and his crew[...]
The Chair #1 Review: Atmospheric, But Lacking In Character
No one cares about them, and no one notices when they go missing. This is the setting for Peter Simeti and Kevin Christensen's The Chair, a new horror offering from Alterna Comics. The main character is a man named Richard Sullivan, and the first issue is spent setting up the scenario and giving us a bit of[...]
Peter Simeti Says There's No Such Thing As "Breaking Into Comics"
Today I came across a bit of advice from the founder of Alterna Comics, Peter Simeti I have to admit, almost every time I interview a comic book creator, I ask them the question "How did you break into comics?" I'm happy that I haven't asked Peter Simeti that question He took to Twitter today[...]
Catching Up With Kelly Williams At C2E2
By Makarim Salman Kelly Williams is at Table B3 "The Boohag short story I've worked on its part of an anthology for which each part will be released by Alterna Comics digitally We'll then collect it. "I've also got a few pitches or to various publishers. "It's my second C2E2 after last year This is the biggest show I[...]
Noctua, Noctua. Who's There?
Orlando Baez writes; I'm the artist of the recently released Alterna Comics title "Noctua," written by Andrew M Henderson and now available on ComiXology.  "Noctua" is a fresh spin on an old tale, redefining and modernizing the Vampire genre through a unique blend of crime, horror, and sci-fi.  Summed up in an elevator pitch, "Noctua" is[...]
Heart Surgery, Down Syndrome And A Graphic Novel
Well, for starters you can read a FREE preview on comiXology right now from Alterna Comics The artwork is by the fantastic Kelly Williams and lettering by the publisher/founder of Alterna himself, Peter Simeti! The finished graphic novel will be crowd funded (something I support in full force on via Kickstarter to help me[...]