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The Latest One More Day In Amazing Spider-Man #900
In a story for today's Amazing Spider-Man #900 by Daniel Kibblesmith, David Lopez and Nathan Fairburn, Peter Parker is returning library books after an amnesty is announced And he has a lot to carry Well as a character he does have a lot of stories from his past he is carrying around Such as One[...]
Who Was Amazing Spider-Man's The Living Brain?
Today's Amazing Spider-Man #900 sees the return of The Living Brain, the "villain" from Amazing Spider-Man #8 from 1964 by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. Amazing Spider-Man #8 (1964) The Living Brain was created by Doctor Petty of the International Computing Machines Corporation and billed as the most intelligent computer and robot in existence, capable of solving[...]
Sinister Adaptoid Vs Amazing Spider-Man #900
As Marvel Comics teased yesterday, Zeb Wells and Ed McGuinness' Amazing Spider-Man #900 will be published in June 2022 – otherwise known as Amazing Spider-Man #6. Sinister Six Adaptoid Vs Amazing Spider-Man #900 Hitting stands the same month as Spider-Man's 60th anniversary, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #6 will mark an incredible 900 issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! The landmark issue[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #900
Marvel Comics has announced news of Amazing Spider-Man #900 by Zeb Wells and Ed McGuinness to be properly announced tomorrow But this teaser seems to show Spider-Man and a Sinister Six all in one person A Sinister Super Adaptioid? There's Doc Ock, Kraven, Elektro, Sandman and Green Goblin at least… Here's what we reported last week[...]