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3 Things That "The Grudge" Actually Did Right

3 Things That "The Grudge" Actually Did Right

The Grudge has finally made its way into theaters, and audiences have been extremely vocal about their polarizing feelings on its return. The new sequel-ish adaptation attempts to walk a fine line between acknowledging and respecting its predecessors in addition to making it more modern horror — but it offers its best moments when utilizing […]

"The Grudge': Have Some Terror With Your Coffee, New Red Band Trailer

"The Grudge': Have Some Terror With Your Coffee, New Red Band Trailer

The Grudge reimagining hits theaters on January 3rd, and there is a new red band trailer on the interwebs. Lin Shaye is the focal point of the trailer, which is more like an extended clip form the film. Watch below as she acts freaky and makes weird noises before debuting a laugh that will stay […]

Black Mirror season 4

Black Mirror Season 4: Private Stuff Is Private Stuff In 'Crocodile'

The British science-fiction series and now-Netflix hit Black Mirror is building towards its second season and has released another trailer for an upcoming standalone episode. The series, created by Charlie Brooker, isn't on the list for December premieres, so we won't see any new episodes until after the first of the year — but that doesn't keep […]

Waco: Paramount Network Releases New, Weinstein-less Trailer

Less than two months after the release of the limited series' first trailer, the Paramount Network has released a second trailer for Waco. Now while we definitely get some new scenes from the miniseries to chew on, there's also a major difference that you might not realize at first viewing. Unlike the first trailer, the […]

'Waco' Trailer Offers First Look At Taylor Kitsch As Cult Leader Koresh

As the nation approaches the 25th anniversary of the federal siege on cult leader David Koresh's Branch Davidian compound that ended in flames and lives lost, the Paramount Network is offering viewers their first extended look at their six-part limited series Waco. The series is set to be executive produced by Weinstein Television, written by […]

The Crow Remake To Feature Female Villain

The Jack Huston led remake of James O'Barr's The Crow is in talks with Andrea Riseborough to portray the villain Top Dollar. The film is being directed by Corin Hardy from an adaptation by Claire Wilson. In the graphic novel, Top Dollar is the bad guy at the top of the syndicate that caused the […]

Oblivion – The Bleeding Cool Review

Tom Cruise stars in a movie that's set after the end of the world. Is it worth visiting the radioactive ruins of your local cinema to see it? Michael Moran reports.

Bleeding Cool's Brighton Rock Irony

A couple of weeks ago, just ahead of the UK DVD and Blu-ray blah blah release of Brighton Rock, I was offered a chance to speak to its writer-director, Rowan Joffe. Unfortunately, his only availability for interview coincided with a screening I was already commited to. But there was some wriggle room, and it was […]

Win! Brighton Rock On DVD

Rowan Joffe's new adaptation of Graham Greene's Brighton Rock is out now on DVD and Blu-ray across the UK. We've got three DVD copies of this sleaze-tinged seaside noir to give away, so just read on and follow the simple instructions. Adapted from Graham Greene's brilliant 1939 novel, Brighton Rock charts the headlong fall of […]

Trailer, Poster And Stills For Brighton Rock

Rowan Joffe's debut film is another adaptation of the Graham Greene novel, Brighton Rock. I saw the picture at the London Film Festival where it was this year's surprise film and seemed to go down fairly well. I'll tell you specifically what I thought of it in the new year, but I'll say this for now: […]

Clip From Brighton Rock Forefronts The Female Characters

Rowan Joffe's adaptation of the beloved Graham Greene novel Brighton Rock is about to start a circuit of film festivals around the world. Here's a clip that features a tense moment between Helen Mirren and Andre Riseborough as Ida and Rose, two women caught up in the dangerous world of "young scarface" mobster, Pinkie Brown. Pinkie […]

Brighton Rock Redux – Stylish Gangster Snaps

The first three images from the big "Why?" remake of Brighton Rock have been revealed. The film has been directed by Rowan Joffe, screenwriter of the upcoming Anton Corbijn and George Clooney thriller The American, and stars Sam Curtis, Andrea Riseborough, John Hurt and Helen Mirren. Graham Greene's novel has been adapted once before, by the Boulting […]